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A Fun Magic Coloring Book
Amaze your students by coloring the pictures in a coloring book by simply turning the pages. Flip the pages again and the images completely disappear! Use this "magical" coloring book to teacher concepts such as acid-base indicators and pH,...
Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste
Walking on eggshells? It’s possible with this book! A spectacular collection of dramatic science experiments to get your students excited and catch their attention. 26 experiments in chapters titled Air-Mazing, Kitchen Chaos, Science in Motion, Must-...
Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes
A must-have collection of science experiments for any teacher! Each activity has full-page, oversize, color images and easy-to-follow instructions. Beginners and experts will love these fun, entertaining activities with names like Flying Potatoes, Co...
Integrating Engineering & Science in Your Classroom
Reinforce a variety of science concepts while challenging students to design solutions using real-world science skills. 30 articles and activities describe teaching techniques and activities that engage student reasoning and promote critical-thinking...
Nanoscale Science
The tiny world of nanotechnology will have a big impact on the future of science! 20 investigations focus on five themes: size and scale, tools and techniques, unique properties and behaviors, nanotechnology applications, and societal implications. I...

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