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Laboratory Solutions for the Science Classroom
Need a more complete guide on solution preparation? Laboratory Solutions for the Science Classroom has been the science teacher's #1 handbook for years. Includes explanations of basic concepts and vocabulary terms, detailed recipes of over 300 common...
Flinn Emission Spectra Manual
Look no further! The complete emission spectra manual for 15 common gas spectrum tubes is here. No more wondering what the line spectra should look like! Students will see a visual representation of the color peaks associated with gases such as argon...
The Elements
Embark on a fascinating journey through the periodic table with this “visual exploration of every known atom in the universe.” Begin with a 9-page introduction of the periodic table’s organization and history, and end with a discussion about the futu...
The Elements Card Deck
Take a closer look at the periodic table with 118 element cards featuring the stunning photographs from Theodore Gray’s bestselling book The Elements. The front of each card displays a beautiful photograph and the element’s name, symbol, number, and ...
See the world from a smaller angle! In the highly-anticipated sequel to The Elements, Theodore Gray brings another breathtaking look at the elements and how they combine to form the world and everything in it. The journey begins with stunning photogr...
The Periodic Table: A Very Short Introduction
Learn more about the history—and mystery—of the most enduring, iconic symbol of chemistry! Considering that thousands of periodic table designs have been proposed, why was Mendeleev’s “discovery” so remarkable? What tragedy befell the young scientist...
The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
Bridge the macroscopic–microscopic divide with a witty and clever book that answers questions like: What was the first chemical reaction to impress humans? Why does carbon get its own branch of chemistry? Starting with the “first” reaction, fire, and...

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