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- Student Lab Activities
Hands-on Chemistry Activities With Real-life Applications
A comprehensive collection of over 300 intriguing investigations-including demonstrations, labs, and other classroom activities. For easy use, all materials are organized into five units of study: • Measurement • Matter • Chemical and nuclear rea...
Mastering the Periodic Table
Help your students succeed in chemistry through mastery of the periodic table. This up-to-date, reproducible resource gives you 50 word games, puzzles, hands-on activities, and other exercises covering all of the known elements, both natural and arti...
Chemistry Puzzles and Games
Word, logic, and arithmetic puzzles have proven educational value in the classroom! Engage and motivate your students, and stimulate their recall and application of chemistry nomenclature, terminology, and calculations with this book of unique puzzle...
Chemistry for Every Kid
Explore the mysteries of chemistry with this exciting collection of ideas, projects, and activities. Students will love this easy-to-use book with over 100 safe science experiments. These experiments are designed to use household materials allowing s...
Chem-Pacs- Practical Activities with Common Substances
Chem-Pacs was developed to provide science instructors of all levels with an ensemble of classroom-tested, chemically-oriented activities. These activities are intended to supplement regular science curricula and cover topics on density, gases, acids...
Chemistry of Color Learning Activity Package
Chemists add color to our lives by the synthesis of paints and dyes. This activity investigates paints and dyes and the chemical reactions involved in their synthesis and use. Students will learn the qualities of some common dyes and paints; learn th...
Chemistry of Water Learning Activity Package
Seventy percent of your body weight is water! In a lifetime, you will drink more than 6,000 gallons of water. Students will learn the important chemical and physical properties of water and how we depend on water every day of our life.Students will d...
Chemistry of Textiles Learning Activity Package
Thanks to modern chemical technology, many different types of synthetic fabrics are available. Students will learn the qualities of natural and synthetic fibers and learn the chemical reactions involved in the production of textile fabrics. By experi...
Chemistry of Soil and Fertilizer Learning Activity Package
Have you ever grown your own vegetables or houseplants? Students will learn how plants grow by getting the proper nutrients from the soil. They will also study the functions of the “critical” inorganic nutrient elements, learn how compost is prepared...
Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook
All-inclusive and detailed forensics laboratory manual offers 39 comprehensive hands-on forensic science experiments. Students use critical thinking and reasoning skills to learn the fundamentals of forensic science while they analyze body fluids, so...
Forensic Science, the Basics
An excellent resource to plan forensic science curriculum and lessons! Pedagogical book is arranged in six parts: Forensic Science and Investigation, Tools of the Trade, Patterns and Impressions, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, and Legal Aspect...

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