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- Forensics
Crime Scene Investigation
Need a clue about how to generate excitement in your classroom? This unique activity book solves the mystery! Casting students in the roles of reporters, lawyers, and detectives at the scene of a crime, the entire class becomes involved in the drama ...
Forensic Laboratory Science and Detective Mystery Writing - Teacher's Guide
Forensic Laboratory Science and Detective Mystery Writing is a 9th-grade, hands-on, integrated science and writing curriculum guaranteed to excite your students! It incorporates the essentials of science with the skills of English composition into a ...
Crime Scene Investigations: Real Life Science Labs
Turn your students into forensic scientists as they learn scientific principles and important laboratory techniques. An excellent forensic lab book for both middle school and high school students. The 68 ready-to-use lessons and labs will improve stu...
Top Shelf Forensics Book
Examine the world of criminal science! Well-written and easy to follow, the Top Shelf Forensics book introduces students to hair, fiber, blood, glass, and soil, crime scene evidence. Numerous student lab activities are presented for each type of evid...
Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook
All-inclusive and detailed forensics laboratory manual offers 39 comprehensive hands-on forensic science experiments. Students use critical thinking and reasoning skills to learn the fundamentals of forensic science while they analyze body fluids, so...
Forensic Science, the Basics
An excellent resource to plan forensic science curriculum and lessons! Pedagogical book is arranged in six parts: Forensic Science and Investigation, Tools of the Trade, Patterns and Impressions, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, and Legal Aspect...

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