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Anatomy of the Universe Chart
This strikingly beautiful chart displays 35 deep space photos. The selection of vibrantly colored photographs contains examples of the many diverse types of bodies that populate the Universe. Chart starts with photos of our sun and solar system in th...
Comets Chart
The huge, dynamic comet sprawling through space on the center of this poster spontaneously grabs your eye! Awesome close-up photographs of some of the most famous comets are displayed along with a series of photos showing an increasingly in-depth vie...
Deep Space Objects Poster
Grab your students’ attention and capture their imagination with this stunning poster! Beyond the sun and the planets, there are many fascinating objects in the night sky—and they are not standing still! Stars are born and die, they clump together in...
The Full Earth Poster
A unique portrait of the bold planet that is our Earth! Dramatic, digital portrait shows Earth suspended in the vastness and blackness of space. Generated by three different satellite images layered on top of one another and then draped over a digita...
Galaxies Poster
View close-up the extraordinary “cities of the universe” that scientists refer to as galaxies! This poster has 24 spectacular, deep space images and brief descriptions of each. Your students will learn about: • Anatomy of our Milky Way and other spir...
Map of the Universe Chart
Turn out the lights-and experience the awe of the clear, sparkling night sky! The stars and constellations actually glow in the dark on this dramatic black-background yet brightly-colored map of the universe! Students learn to locate stars and const...
Meteorites Poster
Watch this fiery meteor, or “shooting star,” as it makes its descent towards the Earth! This dramatic illustration is surrounded by 20 pictorial insets with descriptions of the three known types of meteorites-stone, iron, and stony-iron. ...
Moon Poster
Wow! Everything you ever wanted to know about the Moon on one poster! Moon poster lists hundreds of craters, rays, highlands, seas, mountain ranges and rilles (with a convenient index) on large images of two different views of the Moon’s surface. The...
Solar System Chart
An awesome view of our solar system is complemented with loads of detailed information! Get a perspective on the relative distances of the planets from the Sun, the planet sizes, and relative orbits. Learn about the comets and asteroids in our Solar ...
Solar Eclipse Poster
What causes a solar eclipse? Find out with this colorful, fact-filled poster. Seven photographic images capture exciting moments of a solar eclipse. Computer-generated drawings illustrate solar eclipse geometry, Sun and Moon position, the path of tot...
Star Charts, Student Notepad
Experience the magic of the exhilarating night sky! Locate and identify hundreds of stars and constellations with this easy-to-use star chart. Simply turn the chart so the current date is at the top and see the orientation of the stars at any given t...
Star Finder Dial, Luminous
This “glow-in-the-dark” star finder is your perfect guide to the night sky! Simply dial in the date and hour on the finder to see the position of the stars at any time-then take the dial outside to help you map out the sky. Zodiac dial sh...
Sun Chart
This big, bright poster is packed with fascinating information about our powerful Sun. Great educational reference with illustrations of the core, radiative, and convective zones, the photosphere, chromosphere, and sun spots. Also shows the nebula, p...

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