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Make Your Own Clinometer - Student Laboratory Kit
Your class is hiking on a field trip and comes to a large hill. Just how much higher is the top of the hill from your current position? With these handy clinometers, students can indirectly measure the height of tall objects such as hills, trees, and...
Aerial Stereo Photographs Book
The 92 stereo photographs of prominent landmarks around the country- Mt. Rainier in WA, Grand Teton in WY, Monument Valley in AZ-were taken using aerial photography. Use the book to study landforms, rock structures, vegetation, soils, wind action, st...
Aerial Stereo Studies, Student Guide
An absolute must-these Aerial Stereo Studies books supplement and enrich the awesome collection of 92 three-dimensional photographs contained in Aerial Stereo Photographs Book (AP5095). The student guide is packed with a series of 8 essay questions f...
Stereo Atlas Book
Fly over the Everglades in Florida or visit the Sierra Nevada in California! Your students will experience 50 different aerial views with the stereo photographs and radar images taken by the U.S. Geological Survey and compiled in this book. Included ...
Stereogram Book of Contours
Simplify the reading of “flat” contour maps and understand the relation of contour lines to relief with this useful, introductory book. The book features 10 typical landforms-hills and valleys, glaciation, canyons, volcanoes and lava flow, anticlines...
Stereoscope Glasses
Create that third dimension with these economical yet durable desktop stereoscope viewers! Just open the sturdy metal legs, set the glasses over a stereogram or pair of stereo pictures, peer through the lenses, and get pulled into the three-dimension...
Compass Measurement Challenge - Super Value Kit
Use the Earth's magnetic field to easily navigate the "Compass Challenge." Help your students practice key measurement skills as they play this exciting game. Students first read the compass to determine the direction of travel for each ste...
Contour Model Kit
How do topographers make a flat map out of our not-so-flat or rather “bumpy” world? Students make their own topographical map using this plastic model reproduction of a steep-sided volcano located in New Mexico-Mt. Capulin. Students draw contour line...
Coriolis Effect Apparatus
How does the Earth's rotation affect objects moving over its surface? This kit allows students to observe the Coriolis effect simply and clearly with a 3/4"-diameter steel ball and a revolving turntable that shows a visible yet erasable mark fro...
Coriolis Effect Environmental Science Kit
How does the Earth's rotation affect objects moving over its surface? Innovative activity model gives students hands-on experience investigating how objects move across the surface of a rotating planet due to the Coriolis Effect. Students will study ...
The Earth in 3-D Student Book
Images of the Earth appear to jump off the pages in this amazing book! 3-D graphics help students identify aerial land formations from all over the world right in your classroom. The 57-page student activity book contains over 20 full-color, 3-D imag...
Earth's Orbit and Seasons Kit
What causes our seasons on Earth? How does Earth's revolution around the Sun influence the changing of the seasons? Demonstrate and explain the answers to these questions and more using this low-cost, highly visual kit! Use the Earth model to allow s...
Sun-Earth Motion Activity
Does the Earth rotate around the Sun? Students will create their own primitive sundials to find out! The sundial will be used to track a shadow and further understand how the Earth rotates and the Sun appears to move through the sky. The motion of th...
Globe Kit
This working Earth model allows students to determine the circumference of the Earth, observe the movement of the sun, and measure the volume of the Earth and each of its interior zones. An instruction sheet with procedures for three lab activities a...
How Soil Is Formed - Student Laboratory Kit
Soil is the bridge between the living and non-living world. Introduce students to how soil is formed. Students will perform a series of hands-on experiments to gain an understanding of the chemical, physical, and organic processes involved in rock an...
Landforms in Three Dimensions, Set 1
Investigate the effects of Earth's powerful forces on its landforms with these comprehensive sets of stereo photographs. Set 1 provides examples of various landforms and geological features such as rock structures, glaciation, volcanoes, desert regio...
Landforms in Three Dimensions, Set 2
Investigate the effects of Earth's powerful forces on its landforms with these comprehensive sets of stereo photographs. Set 1 provides examples of various landforms and geological features such as rock structures, glaciation, volcanoes, desert...
Earth's Magnetic Field Student Activity Kit
The Earth's magnetic field is all around us! Explore the properties of the Earth's amazing magnetic field lines using this unique and innovative student kit. Students use iron filings, a magnetic sphere, and a compass to determine the locations of No...
Map Reading Activity
Students are guaranteed to learn the fundamentals of map reading with this stimulating activity. Teach map symbols, scale, direction, latitude and longitude, and elevation-and relate these to real-life features. Use the three-dimensional terrain mode...
Topographic Map Symbol Bingo
Topographic maps use symbols to represent landmarks-making them a useful tool for hikers, hunters, campers, or anyone embarking on an outdoor adventure. Students will learn how to interpret topographic maps while playing a classic game of bingo. Stud...
Porosity and Permeability - Plastic Column Kit with Bead Set
How does porosity and permeability affect groundwater aquifers? Students, through experimentation, will learn about pore size, permeability and particle size. Help students learn these important concepts and integrate math, measurement and percentage...
Porosity and Drainage Rate of Soil -
Student Laboratory Kit
Do all types of soil hold the same amount of water? How much more water can one soil hold than another? Students perform three easy-to-follow lab activities to determine how pore size, soil texture, compaction, and surface runoff affect the answers t...
Sun Finder
Easily demonstrate how the Sun shines on the Earth throughout the year! Unique apparatus has a rotating base marked in 365-day increments and allows you to show the different angles of the Sun's rays day-by-day. Simply place a globe on the rotating b...
Topographic Map Reading Kit
Map reading made easy! Durable, vacuum-formed contour model introduces students to different methods of map reading. Includes flat topography, raised relief and unprinted raised relief maps. Detailed models allow students to gain a better understandi...
Modeling and Mapping Topography Kit
Give students a better sense of direction in three dimensions with this exploration of topography-related concepts. In this three-part activity, students will investigate how elevation and landforms are represented on contour-relief maps. Using simul...

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