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- Maps and Globes
Clever Catch Writable Globe
Give your students the world—and then quiz them on it! This globe can be written on and tossed around the room! The student who catches it will mark certain geographical features, like oceans, countries or continents found under his thumb. The quizzi...
EarthBall® Inflatable Globe
Explore our amazing planet with the most visually authentic globe available! The EarthBall is created from NASA satellite images to present the Earth as it actually appears, including swirling atmospheric clouds. Special satellite information has bee...
The Traveler Globe
Looking for the perfect student-size globe? This raised-relief, blue ocean globe sits on a gold shatter-resistant molded base and swivels on a numbered semi-meridian. Brightly-colored and very detailed geographical features including cities, bodies o...
The Pioneer Globe
The most popular globe for your classroom! Details thousands of place names, mountains, ocean currents, and more! Blue oceans and brilliant colors easily highlight political boundaries and raised-relief illustrates elevations. The Gyro-matic mounting...
The Atlantis Globe
Our most unique “physical” globe! The true-to-life color and both raised and indented relief illustrates mountains, deserts, forests, and grasslands. Oceans show undersea physical features in rich coloring. Gyro-matic mounting with gold-finished, num...
The Living Earth from Space Poster
Earth comes alive in this panoramic map! See terrain features, prominent landmarks, and the natural beauty of our world with this topographical satellite image. The image was taken from a remote sensing satellite, processed, and computer-enhanced fro...
World Geophysical Relief Map
View the whole world at once with this brilliantly-colored, raised relief map. This wall-size, three-dimensional map features land elevations and color keys to terrain, vegetation, and ocean areas. Includes scales, time zones, ocean features and dept...

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