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Igneous Rock Chart
Acquaint students with the origin, color, texture, formation, composition, and appearance of igneous rocks. Fifteen different rock samples are provided so students can make comparisons. Chart is 61 x 46 cm and has a wooden frame for durability.
Investigating The Rock Cycle Chart
Learn how rocks are formed by studying this three-dimensional chart depicting the substructures of different rock formations. The graphic representation of the rock beds corresponding to 23 real rock samples shows students in simple terms how rocks a...
Metamorphic Rock Chart
Nineteen rock samples are used to illustrate the intricate process of how a parent rock or mineral is changed (metamorphosed) to a new form. The relationship of temperature, pressure and chemical change is graphically shown. Chart is 61 x 46 cm and h...
Minerals Poster
The detail, size and clarity of the full-color photographs used in this chart are magnificent. Students can see first hand, without having a mineral sample in front of them, the detailed structure of 162 common and rare minerals. Comparisons be...
Sedimentary Rock Chart
Students see how sedimentary rocks are made and learn the three main classifications of sedimentary rock: clastic, chemical and organic. Samples of sediment, divided by classification, are mounted to the chart. The lithification process, how sediment...
What Mineral Is It? Chart
Teach students how to successfully identify different types of minerals. Eighteen mineral samples are mounted on a heavy-duty chart to help students learn the basics of identifying minerals. Cleavage, luster, streaking, hardness, and color data are p...
What Rock Is It? Chart
Use this chart to help students learn the basics of rock identification by looking at crystal structure, layering, and color. Fifteen samples from the igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock groups are mounted on a heavy-duty chart. Chart is 61 x 4...

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