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Density Flow Model Junior
Engage your students with dramatic simulations of many of the Earth's dynamic natural processes. Unique demonstration tank is used to demonstrate hard-to-visualize concepts related to Geology, Meteorology and Fresh and Saltwater systems. Students wil...
Groundwater Exploration Activity Model
Engage your class with a vivid demonstration of groundwater flow! Using this durable acrylic model, your students will learn about the sources of groundwater, its storage and flow beneath the Earth's surface, and how this unseen resource impacts life...
Sea Floor Spreading-Student Laboratory Kit
Simulate the amazing process of sea floor spreading and continental drift over geological time using this hands-on activity model! Students use the detailed model to observe the forces that push the tectonic plates apart and cause continental driftin...
Water Cycle Model with Study Cards
This marvelous teaching tool simulates the water cycle as it occurs in nature. A two-piece plastic terrain model is used with ice*, water*, and a desk lamp*. Students can create and study firsthand-clouds, fog, rain formation, rivers, and melting sno...
Water Treatment Activity Model
Build a model water treatment plant-right in your own classroom-with this hands-on activity! Graphically demonstrate the physical, chemical, and biological processes involved in water treatment as your class gets a firsthand view of water treatment a...

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