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- Stream Tables
Stream Table
An affordable and well-made stream table with impressive features! Five different water jets allow for great flexibility, allowing you to demonstrate erosion, drainage, delta formation, stream processes and more. Students can clearly see sediment lay...
Deluxe Stream Table
Create and witness natural geological processes that are too slow to experience in reality! This deluxe, floor-model stream table allows students to observe the erosion caused by running streams and waterfalls, see the growth of a delta, create diffe...
Stream Table Sand, White, 50 lbs
Storage: Miscellaneous nonhazardous inorganic material. Color: White-gray/black Odor: None CAS No. 14808-60-7 Technical Note: White sand is perfect for stream tables. Black sand is used for Earth Science heating of landforms demonstrations.
Stream Table Recirculating Pump
Provide the constant flow of water that your stream table needs with this 1/70 hp pump. Its 3.3"-diameter motor is capable of circulating up to 250 gallons of water per hour. Operates on 115V AC and has a three-prong grounded plug for safety. I...

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