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- Animal Study Kits
All About Earthworms! Super Value Laboratory Kit
Go beyond a typical dissection and study a live earthworm as part of this lesson. First, students observe live earthworms move, and respond to the environment. Then they dissect preserved earthworms with special emphasis on the muscles responsible fo...
Ant Farm, Giant
Escape-proof (a key feature) and break-resistant, the giant ant farm gives students a peek into the hidden world of nature's tiniest engineers. This is the largest classroom-sized version of the classic ant farm—15"W X 10"H!   A...
Experimental Design with Pillbugs
Let your students design and conduct their own controlled experiments. The lowly little pillbug is a perfect inquiry laboratory organism. They are odorless, easy to obtain, maintain, and handle while displaying an amazing variety of behaviors that ca...
Nematode Study Kit
The best way to learn about living organisms is to watch their behavior firsthand. Students will use the Nematode Extractors in this kit to collect Nematodes from local soils. Everyone will be amazed to see what they can drive out of the soil samples...
Worm Farm - Complete
The state of the art in earthworm culture! All the materials necessary for maintaining healthy worms are included. An insulated, eight quart container with built-in ventilation plugs maintains proper temperature and prevents suffocation. The worm bed...
Fish Fitness—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
In the cut-throat world beneath the sea, it's eat or be eaten! Fish need to be in the best shape possible in order to outrun predators as well as catch up to prey. Fish Fitness takes cross-fit to a whole new level by allowing your students to craft t...

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