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- Aquarium Water Treatments
Algae Control
Control algae growth in your classroom aquarium with this freshwater treatment. Formulated for use in freshwater aquariums and ponds that contain live plants and fish.
Aquarium Test Strips
Test for alkalinity, chlorine, hardness, nitrate, nitrite, and pH, all with one single, easy-to-use test strip. Compare the color of each test pad after 30 seconds to determine alkalinity, chlorine, hardness, nitrite, and pH. Nitrate results obtained...
Aquarium Water Conditioner, 4 oz
Stress Coat® with aloe vera. Use it at any time fish are subjected to thermal, chemical or environmental stress-when setting up the tank, after water changes, when adding new fish, after medicating, and when injury or disease are evident. Stress ...
Aquarium Water Detoxifier, 4 oz
Ammo-Lock® will remove the two chemicals most commonly used to treat municipal water supplies-chlorine and chloramine-both of which are highly toxic to fish and invertebrates. Ammo-Lock® will also convert ammonia produced by fish waste to a h...
Biozyme® - Freshwater Bacterial Treatment
Used to introduce a rich flora of beneficial bacteria to new or recently medicated tanks. A convenient odorless powder with unlimited shelf life that will treat up to 500 gallons of water. The bacteria will colonize biological filters and gravel beds...
Marine Salts - Instant Ocean® (prepares 10 gallons), Brine Shrimp Hatching Salts
Instant Ocean marine salt mixture. Every important major, minor, and trace element is present in exact proportion. Uniform particle size ensures consistency and permits preparation of any volume of water. Solution is crystal clear, the proper pH, and...

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