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- Dissection Kits
Budget Dissection Kit
Ideal for introductory life science dissection work. Complete with plastic case. Contents: • Forceps, polypropylene  • Scalpel, student quality • Dissecting pins • Scissors, dissecting* • Pipet • Ruler, 6" *Stainless steel
Economy Dissecting Kit
Ideal for beginning students doing simple dissection. Complete with zipped leatherette case. Contents: • Forceps, straight, 4 1/2"*  • Ruler, 6" • Needle, teasing, bent • Scalpel, student quality, 1 1/2" blade • Needle, teasing, s...
Basic Dissecting Kit
Inexpensive kit. Useful at either junior or senior high school level. Complete with zipped leatherette case.  Contents: • Forceps, straight, 4 1/2"*  • Ruler, 6" • Needle, teasing, bent • Scalpel, screw-lock, No. 22 blade • Needle...
General Biology Dissecting Kit
Recommended choice for the general survey course where simple dissection will be performed on several different specimens. Kit is designed with versatility and budget limits in mind. Complete with zippered leatherette case. Contents: • Forceps, strai...
Dissection Instruments - Classroom Set
Save time and money when you purchase dissection instruments in bulk! This classroom set of high-quality instruments is packaged in a convenient, tough, plastic instrument-sorting tray. The tray makes moving instruments from class to class easier and...

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