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Middle School



- Plant Stands
Classroom Greenhouse
Grow plants in your classroom with this durable and affordable greenhouse. Features four wire grid shelves providing plenty of room for a variety of plant study experiments. Germinate and nurture seedlings as you extend the growing seasons in your cl...
Plant Stand, Economy
For classrooms with limited space and a limited budget. This plant stand includes eight 22" x 11" rugged plastic trays on four shelves-all in just four square feet of floor space. Stand is built to last of 1" square, polished aluminum ...
Growlab Mobile Garden
A mobile gardening center and greenhouse for your classroom. Consider these features: • Sturdy, easy-to-assemble aluminum frame and four smooth-rolling, locking casters. • Lightweight fluorescent fixtures on height-adjustable sliding tracks. • Wide-s...
GrowLab II Compact Indoor Garden
Limited space? This is the plant stand you need. All the features of larger stands in this compact design. This indoor garden stand features a custom light fixture, two 22" x 11" growth trays, two moisture grids, 24-hour timer, humidity ten...

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