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- Electrophoresis Reagents
Agarose, 10 g
Storage: Miscellaneous nonhazardous organic material. Disposal: #26a Shelf Life: Good, if kept dry. Soluble: Soluble in boiling water. Color: Buff Odor: None CAS No. 9012-36-6
Agarose Solution, Melt and Pour
Convenient and trouble-free. Simply melt in a hot water bath or microwave, cool to 50 ºC, and pour! The 400 mL of pre-prepared electrophoresis grade agarose is sufficient for six gels. The agarose is 0.8% concentration and made in a buffered solution...
Electrophoresis Buffer, Concentrated
Tris-acetate buffer at pH 7.8 has been optimized for agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA. 100 mL of 50X concentrate buffer solution is enough to make five liters of working solution.
Electrophoresis Reagent Package
Contains reagents sufficient to perform 20 DNA electrophoresis experiments with the MiniGel apparatus. Includes: 10 g electrophoresis grade agarose, 10 mL of 6X gel loading solution, 100 mL 50X concentrate electrophoresis buffer, and 100 mL 10X conc...
Gel Loading Solution, 6X, 100 mL
Combine the gel loading solution with DNA digests to both visualize the sample run and to make the sample sink into the well. This dense, buffered solution contains two dyes. Bromphenol blue migrates at the same rate as a 200-400 base pair DNA fragme...
Methylene Blue Electrophoresis Stain
Methylene blue electrophoresis staining solution interacts with both RNA and DNA-and does not require ultraviolet light for visualization. Bands will appear dark blue on a light blue background. This stain is shipped as a 10X concentrate and will mak...

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