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Gene Pool and Natural Selection Kit
Students will simulate a gene pool using different colored pop beads to represent alleles for a genetic trait in a population. Comparisons will then be made between the resulting frequency of alleles in the population with and without selection press...
Natural Selection - Super Value Kit
An effective classroom simulation of the classic peppered moth natural selection study. Students assume the role of predatory birds capturing moths on a simulated bark background. Results show students firsthand how the moths’ population directly rel...
Predator vs. Prey Kit
The action in this fast-paced activity may become intense as student “predators” attempt to capture their “prey.” What happens when different organisms, living in the same habitat, are all trying to survive and produce offspring? Will they all surviv...
Spontaneous Generation Origin of Microbes Demonstration Kit
Prior to Louis Pasteur there was a commonly held belief that living microbes could arise from non-living matter by a “mysterious” process known as spontaneous generation. Pasteur was ingenious in designing “controls” into experiments and his classic ...
Stick Bug Survival Kit
A fantastic hands-on activity where students learn about natural selection, gene pool, population size, and predator/prey relationships. Stick bugs live in a stick forest and tend to blend in with their stick forest surroundings. Forceps birds love t...
Biomimicry—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and our world is no exception. Flinn’s Biomimicry Kit explores how form and function of many human products are modeled from attributes observed in the natural world. First, students invest...

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