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- Mitosis and Meiosis
Allele's Crossing Over to the Other Side - Student Laboratory Kit
Teach meiosis terminology using this simple hands-on simulation kit. Students string alleles (pony beads) onto chromosomes (chenille wires) and mark the beads to create a unique gene sequence. Then, students crossover sections of the chromosome and c...
"Constructing" Mitosis The 5E Way
Asexual reproduction, cell division, and fission are all words or descriptions generally used to refer to the same process-mitosis. Assist your students to more fully comprehend this important cellular process by Engaging them in a seemingly unrelate...
DNA Staining - Student Laboratory Kit
Students grow their own onion root tips and then follow a specific staining procedure that will allow them to see the DNA in the root tip cells. Students harvest root tips, treat them with chemicals, macerate the tissue, stain the tissue, and then pr...
Magnetic Meiosis Models - Biology Demonstration Kit
Make meiosis memorable using large-scale magnets! Instead of struggling to tell which chromosome is which from one stage to the next, magnetic chromosomes allow students to clearly see how each chromosome moves and changes. Follow the magnetic chromo...
Magnetic Mitosis Demonstration - Biology Demonstration Kit
Cell division takes center stage! Show cell division on a grand scale by manipulating large magnetic models. Demonstrate chromosome activity in each mitotic phase to your entire classroom. Interactive model physically shows how chromosomes move and s...
Mitosis and Meiosis Study Set
Comprehensive and informative cell division study set features six microscope slides, three colorful overhead transparencies, and detailed student worksheets. Allium root tips slide shows the lateral view of all mitosis stages. Whitefish embryo slide...
Mitosis Study Kit
It's easy for students to learn mitosis when studying the large, individual mitotic drawings included in this kit. Students will match key process descriptions with specific mitotic drawings. Once matched, the drawings and descriptions can be arrange...
Normal Mitosis Kit
In a single laboratory period students will have the opportunity to prepare their own slides of squashed root tips. The staining technique used will allow students to scan their slides for cells in various stages of mitosis. The specially treated roo...

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