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- Epidemiology
The Glowing Germ Contamination - Demonstration Kit
It’s amazing how fast germs can be spread around your classroom. In this activity you’ll place a small quantity of glowing lotion on an object in the lab. Discuss how bacteria and germs are spread, telling students that you’ve contaminated one object...
The Epidemic - Student Laboratory Kit
How is an epidemic started? Can it be stopped? Students simulate the movement of a deadly pathogen as they become “world travelers.” How easily will it travel from one international city to another when students simply shake hands? An excellent simul...
Outbreak: A Study In Epidemiology - Student Laboratory Kit
Students become Center for Disease Control scientists as they uncover the source of a serious epidemic in a school. The scenario takes advantage of one of the most familiar and contagious school diseases-conjunctivitis (pinkeye). The students first p...
West Nile Virus Transmission - Super Value Game
The vector-borne disease, West Nile Virus, began in Uganda and was first documented in the United States in New York City. It has since spread to every state across the country. Depending on the organisms infected, some species can be virtually elimi...
Infection! Epidemic Simulation - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Have you ever been sick and wondered where you got it? Diseases may be spread by the exchange of body fluids, such as saliva, from one host to another. In this activity, the exchange of simulated saliva mimics the sharing of a beverage contaminated w...
AIDS- Transfer of Body Fluids Kit
A graphic and exciting activity that is sure to provoke discussion! Students simulate the exchange of body fluids as a means of spreading the HIV virus. Use this kit to initiate a discussion of the transmission of AIDS and other sexually-transmitted ...

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