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- Microscope Slide Sets
Introductory Slide Set
A concise and affordable survey set for introductory biology and life science courses. All of the included slides can be resolved at low to medium (400X) power, and are well suited to beginning microscopists. Paramecium caudatum, w.m. Euglena, w.m. M...
Silk Thread Slide Set
Fantastic tool for teaching focusing procedures of the microscope. This clever set of six slides has different combinations of vertically stacked colored silk threads. Have students report the correct vertical order of the various slides. The slides ...
Introductory Protozoology Slide Set
This twelve-slide set includes many of the most commonly studied representatives from the four major classes of protozoa. Students can compare and contrast parasitic and free-living forms, unicellular and colonial forms, and the remarkable variety of...
Beginner's Slide Set
For newcomers to the microscopic world a five-slide set designed to teach the fundamentals of microscopy and to introduce some basic comparisons. The letter “e” is used to demonstrate reversal of direction and image. Colored threads allow students to...
Pond Life Survey Slide Set
A microscopic tour of pond life - excellent as a reference for field collections. Organisms selected are common, widely distributed, and relatively easy to identify. Water bloom, w.m. Mixed blue-green algae. Mixed green algae, w.m. Euglena, w.m. Volv...
Fungi Survey Slide Set
A diverse, and too often ignored group that collectively performs the vital ecological role of decomposers. This set of eight slides includes unicellular and multicellular species, and free-living, parasitic, and mutualistic species. Economically ben...
Mitosis, Meiosis, and Cell Division Slide Set
Eight slides to introduce and illustrate concepts of cell division, sexual reproduction, and asexual reproduction. Slides cover “simple” fission, to mitosis (cell division), to meiosis (reduction division and the production of gametes). Mitosis and m...
Slides, Microscope, General Biology, Set A
Selected to include a number of popular slides with key representatives from all five kingdoms. An excellent overview for the beginning biologist and microscopist. Designed to complement General Biology Set B but comprehensive on its own.Bacteria, th...
Slides, Microscope, General Biology, Set B
A good choice by itself or as a companion to set A. This set includes several slides selected to reinforce fundamental comparisons. A well-chosen array that spans the breadth and diversity of living things. Slime mold, (Stemonitis), fruiting body, w....
Bacteria, Fungi, and Slime Mold Slide Set
From basic structure to fascinating details of natural history and life cycles, this set introduces the world of microbes. Careful examination of these slides will instill an excellent framework for further study and identification. Mouth smear, mixe...
Flatworms and Roundworms Slide Set
The five slides chosen for this set will allow students to compare and contrast the body plans of flatworms (acoelomate) and roundworms (pseudocoelomate). They can also examine relative adaptations to parasitic vs. free-living existance within groups...
Slides, Microscope, General Zoology Set
The set contains many of the most frequently designated animal study slides from popular textbooks and laboratory manuals. Representative protists and invertebrates as well as a number of vertebrate histology slides are included. An excellent set. Am...
Introductory Zoology Slide Set
Sixteen slides selected to survey the animal world. Emphasis is placed on the invertebrate groups with representative tissue preparations from several vertebrates. All are popular, commonly studied slides that can be resolved at medium power (400X). ...
Anatomy and Physiology Slide Set
Illustrating the fascinating diversity and specialization of tissues which comprise the various organ systems of the mammalian body. Preparations have been selected which represent normal human and other mammalian tissues. Special staining techniques...

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