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- Microscope Study Kits
Characteristics of Protists - Student Laboratory Kit
Explore the diverse microscopic world of protists with this innovative lab activity. The diversity of the Protista kingdom is represented by Euglena, Paramecium, Amoeba, diatoms, and colonial Volvox. Students begin the laboratory with a detailed stud...
Exploring the Compound Microscope - Student Laboratory Kit
It sure is a small world! Students learn about the parts and important functionality of microscopes while exploring the microworld through slides they prepare themselves. In this four-part activity, students perform a basic focusing procedure using p...
Forensics of Fibers - Student Laboratory Kit
Nothing catches students’ interest like catching a criminal! The window is broken and the television is missing! Luckily for student investigators the burglar left something behind—fibers from his or her clothing that got caught in the broken glass. ...
Microscope "Mystery" Kit - A Drawing, Identifying, and Size-Estimating Challenge
Take your students on a journey into the “mysterious” microscopic world as new and perhaps strange-looking life forms are examined. This is an exceptional way to introduce students to the proper use and care of a microscope as well as boosting their ...
Plant and Animal Cell Mystery
Most students are aware that plant and animal cells are different, but how are they different? In this activity, written in the form of a mystery, students must apply their knowledge of cell structure and organelles to identify four unknown prepared ...

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