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Acid-Base Rainbow Fountain - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Quench your students’ thirst for knowledge with a fountain of surprises in this guided-inquiry demonstration. The fountain appears to require no energy to run—defying the laws of nature. Marvel as Hero of Alexandria did 1900 years ago when he used ai...
The Designated Driver - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A colorless solution is poured from a large beaker into four smaller beakers producing solutions of "strawberry soda," "blueberry soda," "red wine," and "water." Mixing the resulting solutions from the first th...
Disappearing Ink - Chemical Demonstration Kit
It's magic! It's mystery! No—it's science! Teachers and students write secret messages with disappearing ink and then use chemistry to develop and transmit the messages. Students learn about the properties of a characteristic acid-base indicator and ...
Disappearing Rainbow - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Your students will love this colorful demonstration which is always a teacher favorite at science conventions. A colorless solution is added to each of six seemingly empty beakers. A second colorless solution is then added and each of the six resulti...
Dry Ice Color Show - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Watch as thick white vapor clouds pour up and out of the bubbling cauldrons on your demonstration table! This eye-catching dry ice demo is sure to get a “cool” reaction from your students! It makes a great demo to try at Halloween or any time you wan...
Indicator Sponge - A Discrepant Event
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Can Red + Red = Blue? Dip a red sponge into a red solution—watch it turn blue. Place the blue sponge into a blue solution—it turns back to red. How can that happen? Amaze your students as you introduce acid–base indicators with this “discrepant event...
Orange Juice to Strawberry Float -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Change a beaker of “orange juice” into a big, foamy, messy strawberry float! Simply mix some chemicals together in a beaker, add an acid-base indicator and a colorless solution, and stand back. A huge mountain of foam will erupt out of the beaker. Th...
Spring Blooms - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Spring has arrived—time for April showers to bring May flowers. Welcome spring into your classroom with this two-part acid-base and chemical equilibrium demonstration. In part one, one set of paper flowers are soaked in colorless indicator solutions....
Upset Tummy? MOM to the Rescue! Chemical Demonstration Kit
Mix a suspension of milk of magnesia (MOM) with universal indicator, add simulated stomach acid, and observe the dramatic rainbow of colors as the antacid dissolves in the acid! And...it's not over yet! Simply add more acid and watch as the colors co...
Water to Grape Juice to Milk -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Pour water into an “empty” glass and watch as it turns into purple grape juice. Continue pouring from glass to glass and you'll serve up some lemonade, a fizzy soda, then milk, and finally Pepto-Bismol®. Is it magic—or simply chemistry? This fasc...

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