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Bio-Energy Kit
Discover the future of bio-fuel cell technology! This device silently demonstrates how energy can be created from ethanol without combustion—and works, nonstop, for hours! Many fuel cells use hydrogen or methanol as fuel, but this fuel cell converts ...
Renewable Energy Set
Explore wind, solar, and water energy—all in one convenient set! Three interchangeable power units can be mounted to a sturdy plastic base. One converts sunlight to energy, while the other two use wind and water to create energy. Four different monit...
PowerWheel Kit
Water is a powerful source of sustainable energy. Explore the wonders of hydropower with this eye-catching hydro-generator. Hook the water wheel up to a faucet or hose and watch the energy from the flowing water be converted first into mechanical ene...
Eco-Battery Vehicles
Build your own experiments with an innovative and environmentally friendly “fuel cell!” Car manufacturers are always looking to develop new technology to run automobiles that is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced to reduce ...
Green Energy
How can sustainable electric energy be produced? Explore the production, storage and use of electricity from natural sources such as water, wind, and the Sun. Includes two solar cells, an energy storage device, and materials to build 14 differe...
How can sustainable electric energy be produced? Explore the production, storage and use of electricity from natural sources such as water, wind, and the Sun. Includes two solar cells, an energy storage device, and materials to build 14 different mod...
Thermoelectric Generator Demonstrator
Place each aluminum leg into a plastic cup with water. If the water temperature is the same, nothing happens. But, what happens if the water is hot on one side and cold on the other? The fan starts to spin! If you connect the apparatus to a battery o...
Fuel Cell Car
Bring the energy source of the 21st century into your classroom! Topics in chemistry, physics and engineering are studied as students learn about the electrolysis of water, how solar cells and fuel cells operate, mechanical work and energy conserva...
H-Racer Fuel Cell Car
Explore the power of hydrogen! Sleek car demonstrates the technology behind how a fuel cell car operates. Transparent design allows students to see the inner mechanics of the car. Kit includes a refueling station that produces hydrogen and oxygen fro...
Solar-Powered Cars—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
Students build their very own model cars that run on energy from the sun! These solar vehicles use mini solar panels to convert the sun’s energy to electricity. In the first part of this activity, students learn how a solar car works and build a mode...
Solar Powered Car
Demonstrate how photovoltaic panels can produce electrical energy. Car can be operated two ways: by solar energy charging a AA battery or direct solar energy to move a motor that in turn moves the wheels to drive the car forward. An auxiliary mode is...
Photon Solar Racer
Race with the power of the sun! Give your students a hands-on experience with the future of transportation. Fast, clean-running solar vehicles may be just around the corner. The Photon Solar Racer can be built in one class period and raced in anoth...
Cooking with Solar Energy—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
The Earth receives enough energy from the Sun every hour to meet its energy needs for an entire year. The challenge is to capture solar energy in a useable way. Solar ovens are a fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly method of using the Sun’s u...
Solar Can Motor Robot
A simple a fun way to integrate renewable energy and robotics! The included solar panel converts energy from the Sun into electric energy to activate a motor, which propels the robot forward. Construct the robot using the included instructional diagr...
14-in-1 Solar Robot
Build a robot that is powered by the Sun! Learn how solar energy can turn a small motor. When that motor is connected to other materials, the possibilities are endless. Instructions are included to build 14 different robots. Construct a turtle, crab,...
Biofuels—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
Biofuels provide an alternative to petroleum-based fuels. Ethanol, a biofuel produced from biomass such as corn, is frequently blended with gasoline to produce a “cleaner” burning fuel. In this lab, students explore ethanol production through the fer...
Wind Energy - Student Laboratory Kit
Fluctuating fuel prices make green energy more appealing than ever! Integrate STEM design standards into your curriculum as students study the principles behind using wind energy to produce mechanical power. Each student group constructs a windmill w...
Generating Electricity with Wind—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
Capture the energy of the wind and convert it to electricity! Wind farms are a rapidly-growing industry, providing electricity for over 11 million homes and creating tens of thousands of jobs in recent years. In this activity, students investigate ho...
Wind Education Kit
Using this miniature realistic wind turbine, students can evaluate the pitch, or angle, of the blades and then investigate how pitch and number of blades affects power output. Students also learn how the turbine protects itself under strong wind cond...
Wind Generator
Creating power and energy from thin air? You bet! This affordable wind turbine demonstrates how energy can be generated by wind. Easy to assemble, this little-turbine-that-could produces enough electricity to power LED bulbs, a small power output boa...
Wind-Powered Generator
As fossil fuels become more expensive and as we become more aware of their harmful effects on the environment, alternative forms of energy increase in interest. This wind generator is a mini-research unit on wind power and windmill design. The unit c...

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