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Atomic Structure Puzzle - Student Activity Kit
Atomic “puzzler” activity provides a fun way to review core atomic structure concepts! Kit consists of 15 unique puzzle sheets, each with 20 different atomic structure “clues” testing students’ knowledge of atomic number, mass number, isotopes, ions,...
Atomic Target Practice - Rutherford Scattering and the Nuclear Atom - Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
Rutherford's discovery of the nucleus has been described as a “black box” experiment. In order to solve the structure of the atom, Rutherford had to “unlock” the box. Rutherford shot alpha particles at atoms in a piece of gold foil and observed the s...
Bean Bag Isotopes -Student Activity Kit
All atoms of the same element are not identical! This paradox of atomic structure is due to the existence of isotopes—atoms of the same element having different masses. In this hands-on activity, students investigate the mass and relative abundance o...
Discovering the Charge of an Electron - Analogy of Millikan's Oil-Drop Experiment - Student Laboratory Kit
The electron, an elementary particle of matter, has a negative charge. Exactly how much electrical charge does one electron have? In the early twentieth century, Robert Millikan quantified the charge of a single electron through a series of carefully...
Introduction to Electron Structure - Student Laboratory Kit
Help students understand the basics of electron structure with this simple and straightforward lab activity. In this activity, 15 workstation “atoms” are constructed, each consisting of an energy level diagram, a symbol for a neutral atom or ion, and...
Isotope Identity Games
Two enjoyable card games provide a great way to teach students the concept of isotopes. With "Got Isotopes," students collect “books” of cards depicting four ways to represent isotopes of the same element. Students can also play "It's ...
Quantum Leap - Student Laboratory Kit
Take a “quantum leap” to see if you can determine the precise location of an electron around the nucleus of an atom! This engaging lab helps students visualize the shapes and relative positions of the 1s and 2s orbitals in a hydrogen atom. It also br...
Flame Test - Student Laboratory Kit
Add a splash of color to your flame! In this kit, students will observe the characteristic color of light emitted by metallic salts when placed in a flame. By simply dipping a moist wooden splint in the solid metallic salt, then placing the wooden sp...
Color Flame Candles, Pkg. of 12
Demonstrate colored flames from salts and metals while learning about the electromagnetic spectrum with these economical color flame candles. Challenge students to identify the unknown element(s) in the candles by performing flame tests. Explore real...

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