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Atomic Mobile Kit
Increase students' knowledge of the elements by modeling the atomic structure of the first 18 elements. Use this model to explore the energy levels of electrons in the first three electron shells. This large mobile can be displayed and modified to re...
Elementary Atomic Model Set
Visually demonstrate the fundamentals of the Bohr atom with this durable atomic model set. Help students understand the relative positions of electrons, protons, and neutrons in the atom. All parts are interchangeable—materials may be easily assemble...
Atom Model
This large, colorful, 3-D model is the perfect visual aid for your discussions about the atom. Removable pieces will help you illustrate the basic differences between electrons, protons and neutrons-the building blocks of the atom. Stimulate hands-on...
Magnetic Atom Model
Giant-size atom board lets students “see” the particles as each atom is “built.” Place the bright, color-coded magnetic protons, neutrons, and electrons in the correct place on the steel atom board to represent elements 1-10. Show students the relati...

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