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Balancing Equations - Super Value Kit
Are you looking for a simple and innovative way to help your students visualize the balancing of equations and the Law of Conservation of Matter? Use this hands-on kit to make the abstract concept of “atoms” become more visual and real for students. ...
Build Models of Molecules - Guided-Inquiry Kit
Only 4 of the 92 naturally occurring elements make up 95% of all living things. How can so many different molecules be made from so few elements? In this guided-inquiry activity designed for the middle school learner, students use reasoning skills to...
Chemical Formulas - Student Laboratory Kit
Writing formulas can be a real challenge for many students. Flinn has developed a kit which will help your students understand why atoms combine in certain ratios and how to write formulas for the compounds formed. Students experimentally determine t...
Crystal Structure - Super Value Laboratory Kit
How are atoms arranged in a metallic solid and in an ionic compound? Are the arrangements of atoms random or is there a “system” to it with regular “repeating units? In this two-part lab, students will build models of the three cubic crystal lattice ...
First Introduction to Molecular Models Kit
Molecular model building has never been made easier. First, students use two-dimensional color-coded atoms to understand electron structure. They then progress to understand how atoms gain, lose, and share electrons to form molecules. Once these conc...
Ionic Formula Writing - Super Value Kit
Chemical formulas such as (NH4)2SO4, with all of those seemingly random numbers, letters and parentheses, can seem intimidating to a student who is first learning to write formulas. This “teacher-tested” kit will familiarize students with ions and al...

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