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Alcohol Cannon Apparatus Kit -
Combustion of Isopropyl Alcohol
Launch your students into a discussion of chemical reactions with this fun, safe, and exciting demonstration. This thrilling demonstration of the controlled combustion of isopropyl alcohol teaches students the concepts of combustion, thermochemistry,...
Carbide Toy Cannon
Safely demonstrate the production and combustion of acetylene gas with this fun vintage toy. Simply load the specially formulated calcium carbide “ammunition,” close the casing to add water, pull back on the igniter and give the plunger a good push. ...
The Carbon Soufflé - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Be a chemical gourmet—whip up a carbon soufflé! Your students will be amazed as they watch a yellow solid-liquid mixture turn brown, then black, expand out the top of the beaker—and solidify. The beaker becomes extremely hot and the odor of burnt sug...
Chemiluminescent Elephant's Toothpaste -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
A new twist on an old favorite! The catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is a prolific oxygen generator. It’s even more wonderful when yeast is the catalyst and light stick chemicals are added, creating volumes and volumes of glowing foam. Us...
Cool Light - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Wow your students as you demonstrate a basic chemiluminescence experiment. You will prepare two solutions and pour them simultaneously into a flask. Voila! A beautiful blue glow! An instruction sheet with a short history of chemiluminescence is provi...
Exploring Light Sticks - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A fun way to shed some light on core chemistry concepts! Using common glow sticks, students learn about chemiluminescence, pH optimization, acid–base chemistry, and the action of a catalyst. Compare the effervescent glow of light sticks with differen...
Energetic Light - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Tired of chemiluminescent experiments that only last for a few seconds? Now you can demonstrate the conversion of chemical energy into light energy for nearly 10 minutes. Simply turn down the lights, combine two solutions and then listen to the oohs ...
Fountain of Light - Chemical Demonstration Kit
An exciting two color demonstration of chemiluminescence. A mixture of solutions is prepared, the lights are dimmed, and hydrogen peroxide is added. The mixture first glows red and then, amidst vigorous frothing and evolution of heat, an eerie blue g...
Instant Light - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Add a few teaspoons of Instant Light crystals to water and watch as the solution immediately produces an eerie blue glow that will last for several minutes. Instant Light is a mixture of dry chemicals, including luminol, that when added to water prod...
Cool Reaction - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Many reactions produce heat. In fact, when students think of chemical reactions, heat production is often expected. However, endothermic reactions, reactions which consume heat, can be just as exciting. One of the most striking examples of this is wh...
The Chef - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Liven up your lesson plan on thermodynamics with this entertaining display of culinary wizardry. In an aluminum pan, add water to the “specially formulated” Flinn calcium oxide, and stir. Crack open an egg and pour it in the second pan. Place it over...
Knock Your Socks Off Apparatus Kit - Reaction of Calcium Carbide
Simple, safe, and exciting “carbide cannon” will blow your students away! Fill the base of the apparatus with a few grains of calcium carbide and add water to produce flammable acetylene gas. Wait a minute, and then ignite. The projectile, a soft soc...
The Mini Grain Elevator Explosion - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Have you ever heard of or read about a dust explosion in your area? They are rather common in grain elevators, coal mines, and sawmills. A spark, even due to friction, can set off burnable dust in air to produce a large explosion. This demonstration ...
Piezo Ping Pong Popper - Demonstration Kit
Safely demonstrate combustion by performing the “ping pong popper” micro-scaled explosion! Students will love the loud “pop” as a spark ignites alcohol in a popper and a ping pong ball launches 20 feet across the room. Use this eye-catching demonstra...
Whoosh Bottle - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Wow your students with a whoosh! Students just love to see the blue alcohol flame shoot out of the mouth of the bottle and watch yellow dancing flames pulsate in the jug as more air is drawn in. Use this exciting demonstration to teach combustion rea...

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