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A Flash of Blue - Chemical Demonstration Kit
In a flash, like magic, a colorless solution turns a dramatic dark blue color. You and your students will be amazed by this popular starch-iodine clock reaction. Teacher Demonstration Notes included. Enough materials are provided to perform the demon...
The Chemical Kidney - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Mix water from a large beaker back and forth into five other beakers. Your students will observe a variety of color changes. Solutions looking like red wine, lemonade, grape juice and others are produced with the final solution being a distinct yello...
Chemiluminescent Chemical Reactions in a Model Volcano - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Try this amazing demonstration! Construct a model volcano using polyurethane foam, and then produce a fiery lava flow using the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and light stick chemicals. An awesome display of chemical reactions simulating a volcan...
Fantastic Four-Color Oscillator -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Students won't believe their eyes as they watch this amazing oscillating reaction! Simply measure out and pour together four solutions, wait about 10 seconds, and observe the solution flash to green and then to blue and to purple and to red. And if t...
Feeling Blue - Chemical Demonstration Kit
No one is exempt from an occasional “bout with the blues.” The blues come and go as in this demo. Two colorless solutions and an indicator are mixed, producing a blue solution. Upon standing, the solution becomes colorless. The solution alternates be...
Ferrofluid Nanotechnology - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A magnetic liquid, also known as a ferrofluid, may seem like a space-age concept. That's because it is! Now you can prepare a ferrofluid and demonstrate the concept that was invented by NASA in the 1960s to control liquids in space. The procedure is ...
Foiled Again - Aluminum Loses to Copper - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Watch metallic copper appear instantaneously as aluminum foil is added to aqueous cupric chloride. Try adding aluminum foil to aqueous cupric sulfate—no copper forms and aluminum survives! Add a catalyst—copper appears and aluminum is foiled again! S...
The Gold Rush - Turning Pennies into Silver and Gold - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate to your students what the alchemists only dreamed about. Turn an ordinary copper penny into silver and then into gold. Students will watch as you place pennies into a chemical solution which turns the pennies silver. Then, over heat, the ...
Identifying Chemical Reactions -
Multi-Demonstration Kit
Recognizing chemical reactions and “translating” them into chemical equations are essential skills students need in order to be successful in chemistry. Review the different types of chemical reactions and help your students succeed using this colorf...
Iodine Clock Reaction: Effect of Concentration, Temperature, and a Catalyst on Reaction Rate -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Mix two colorless solutions and watch as, after a few seconds, they suddenly change from colorless to dark blue. What an attention-getter! This kit allows you to quantitatively demonstrate the popular iodine-starch clock reaction. In each demonstrati...
Keep Your Eye on the Ions - Double Replacement Model Demonstration Kit
Do it again! This is what your students will say once they have seen the key concepts of a double replacement reaction. Water soluble paper "bonds" hold the starting molecules together. When the molecules are placed in water, the bonds brea...
Observing Evidence of a Chemical Reaction Demonstration Kit
What exactly is a chemical reaction? How can we identify a chemical reaction? What kinds of evidence can be gathered to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred? In this demonstration, students observe the chemical properties of hydrochloric aci...
"Magic Genie" - Chemical Demonstration Kit
When sodium iodide is dropped into a flask containing 30% hydrogen peroxide, a “magical” genie appears in the form of water vapor and oxygen. Teacher Demonstration Notes included. Enough materials are provided to perform the demonstration seven times...
Old Foamey - Chemical Demonstration Kit
This will be your students' favorite chemical reaction! Mix a combination of chemicals together with dishwashing liquid in a tall borosilicate cylinder and stand back. Watch as a large amount of soapy foam erupts from the cylinder. The catalyzed deco...
Sudsy Kinetics - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Teach kinetics in a fun and sudsy way! This three-part demonstration provides an interesting twist on the traditional “Old Foamey” demonstration. Show your students the effect of concentration on reaction rate, observe a reaction intermediate and tes...
Old Glory - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Place three clear and colorless solutions all in a row, play some patriotic march music in the background, and add a single yellow solution to each beaker. Cheers, cheers for the red, white, and blue—the colors of Old Glory emerge in time to the musi...
Opening Day - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Welcome your students to the “wonderful world of chemistry!” Five colorful and engaging demonstrations have been selected to help students develop observational and critical-thinking skills—and to get them excited about the amazing science that lies ...
Rapid Oxidation - Chemical Demonstration Kit
This is one of the safer fire, brimstone and smoke reactions. When you add a small amount of glycerin to potassium permanganate, your students will witness the oxidation of glycerin by a permanganate. The reaction is very dramatic with lots of smoke ...
Reversible Tin Man - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Grow a beautiful “tin-man” crystal tree using this electrifying demonstration! This quick and simple demonstration will teach oxidation-reduction principles and show students the components of a simple electrolytic cell. Students will enjoy watching ...
Stoichiometry Balloon Races - Chemical Demonstration Kit
If a little is good, more is better, right? Not necessarily! In a chemical reaction, the amount of product that can be obtained depends on the mole ratio of reactants. If the moles of one reactant are limited, it does not matter how much of a second ...
Stop-'N-Go Light - Chemical Demonstration Kit
When you shake this flask of solution, the color of the solution will turn from a soft yellow to a bright red to a light, grassy green and then shift back to yellow again. Your students will love this reaction because they can help shake the flask an...
The ROY G BIV Clock Reaction -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
The visible spectrum has been displayed many ways, but never quite as spectacularly as this! Take seven different dry chemical mixtures and add each to a separate beaker. Pour a clear liquid into each beaker. In less than a minute, the large pH chang...
Thionin - The Two-Faced Solution -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
“Elegant” best describes this wonderful demonstration. A large beaker containing a purple solution is placed on an overhead projector. Aluminum foil is placed under the beaker so only half the beaker will be exposed to direct light. Switch the overhe...
The Yellow and Blue Switcheroo - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Your students will think you are the king or queen of chemistry when you do this amazing demonstration. Three colorless solutions are mixed to produce a yellow solution and then suddenly the solution turns blue, then yellow again, etc. The solution w...
Laboratory Safety Essentials - Multi-Demonstration Kit
The most important lesson for students to learn in science is also the first—safety first! Engage students’ interest in the essential rules of laboratory safety with this set of four persuasive demonstrations.   • Acid in the Eye Put on your ...

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