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Chromatography Centrifuge - Student Laboratory Kit
Perform chromatography separations using the chromatography centrifuge—it's fast, easy, and fun! Simply spot the water-soluble inks on the absorbent paper, place the paper on the motor and turn it on. Within seconds the spinning disk separates the va...
Chromatography Challenge - Science, Inquiry, and Art - Guided-Inquiry Kit
Black is the absence of color—or is it? The challenge in this inquiry-based activity is for students to reproduce beautiful multicolor art patterns created by the teacher using radial paper chromatography and a variety of black markers. Students will...
Food Dye Chromatography - Student Laboratory Kit
Food dyes have been used extensively for more than 100 years. Would you eat maraschino cherries if they were their natural color of beige instead of red? Explore the properties of the seven Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) artificial food dyes wit...
Introduction to Paper Chromatography - Student Laboratory Kit
Paper chromatography is fun! In this unique kit, students conduct two paper chromatography experiments. The first lab involves the separation of pigments from different inks (marking pens). Many inks are mixtures made up of several pigments. Each pig...
Plant Pigment Chromatography - Student Laboratory Kit
Provide your students with an exciting method to study and compare plant pigments. Using thin-layer chromatography, students can separate and compare chlorophylls and accessory pigments found in two different plants. This kit makes it easy to set up ...
Radial Chromatography T-Shirts - The Experiment You Can Wear! Student Laboratory Kit
Similar to our radial chromatography kit (Catalog No. AP8687), but using a technique that runs the chromatograms directly onto T-shirts. The process is fast, easy, safe, and it produces beautiful explosions of color. Let chemistry make the fashion st...
Radial Chromatography - Chemistry with an Artistic Flair! Super Value Laboratory Kit
Black inks used in commercially available pens are often mixtures of several pigments, and each pen company usually has its own unique, patented “recipe” for black ink. Paper chromatography can be used to separate these mixtures. This kit incorporate...

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