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Sunsets and Light Scattering - Demonstration Kit
Who hasn't paused at twilight to gaze at a dazzling sunset with its brilliant oranges and reds? Illustrate the phenomenon of a colorful sunset with this simple demonstration. Students will easily observe the effect of light scattering in reflected an...
Color Addition and Subtraction - Primary Colors Demonstration Kit
Help students clearly see the difference between primary colors of light and primary colors of pigment. Show color mixing by addition using blue, red, and green filters. The three primary colors of light are projected onto a screen then refracted to ...
The Aloha Chemical Sunset - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Do you and your students need a spring break already? If you can't see a Hawaiian sunset in person, simulate it in the classroom! This fun demonstration shows how light passing through a colloidal suspension is affected by the size of the colloidal p...
Basic Polarized Light Demonstration Kit
What is polarized light, and what effect does polarized light have on the appearance of an object? Introduce your students to the principles of polarization using this fun kit. The activities may be used to demonstrate the transverse wave characteris...
Beyond the Rainbow—Discovering Infrared and Ultraviolet Light
There is more to light than meets the eye! Instead of just giving your students information about the electromagnetic spectrum, allow them to discover infrared and ultraviolet light for themselves. Two “enlightening” demonstrations reveal evidence fo...
Color and Light - Spectrum Demonstrations
Shed light on the concept of color perception with this overhead projector demonstration. Why are some objects blue and others red? Does a color filter actually change white light into colored light? What color is seen when blue and yellow light are ...
Combining Colored Light—Physical Science Demonstration Kit
Finally an easy way to combine the primary colors of light! Many people have seen white light dispersed into a spectrum after it has passed through a prism, but few have observed different colors of light combined to make white light. In this teacher...
Color Wheel Light Reflection Kit
How does a rainbow of colors turn white? Clearly demonstrate that white light is composed of all the colors of the rainbow. This 23-cm diameter sturdy plastic color wheel comes with a plastic handle that attaches to the center of the wheel. Start the...
Energy in Photons - Demonstration Kit
Ready, Set, Glow! Clarify the difference between the intensity, or brightness, of light and the energy of light. In this teacher-developed kit, light is shined through a rainbow of filters onto a piece of phosphorescent material. The filters absorb s...
Fluorescent Dye - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Light up your classroom with fluorescent solutions! Under normal white light in the laboratory, these solutions appear colorless, yellow, orange, and pink. But, when the lights are turned off and a black light is shined on them, they glow—and with di...
Fluorescent Liquids - Demonstration Model
Display these five eye-catching fluorescent liquids in your classroom! Permanently mounted in a sturdy wooden stand, the sealed vials contain solutions that appear different colors under normal classroom white lights. Turn off the lights, shine a bla...
Kaleidoscoptical Activity - Demonstration Kit
A radially polarized filter is placed on an overhead projector stage and a regular (parallel) polarized filter is positioned above it. As expected, the image produced shows four quadrants, alternating light-dark-light-dark. As an optically active sol...
Newton's Color Wheels
What is color? Why do we see different colors? Demonstrate and explain to students why objects look the color they do using these three highly visible color wheels and a centrifuge device! A two-colored wheel is placed on the centrifuge device and sp...
Simulated Laser Emission- Demonstration Model
Lasers have become commonplace in recent years and yet the understanding of how they work is often elusive. Show your students the basic principles behind a helium-neon laser using this simple model. Straightforward demonstration consists of a tube w...

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