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Benham's Disk Optical Illusion-Activity Kit
Mind-boggling! Display the colors of the rainbow by rotating a black-and-white disk! Spin the disk in the opposite direction and the color order reverses. How is this possible? It is the result of the brain's perception of flashing white light. A fun...
Illusions Activity Set
Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Maybe they are if you are using this set of fun optical illusions! Did you know that concentric circles can look like a spiral, red can be green, and shapes can float? Explore 3D images and even create your own! E...
Blueprint T-Shirts - Student Laboratory Kit
Sure to be a student favorite! Use ultraviolet radiation from the sun to produce personalized, one-of-a-kind T-shirts! Photosensitive T-shirts are prepared by soaking white T-shirts in a solution containing two iron salts, ferric ammonium citrate and...
Build a Spectroscope Student Laboratory Kit
Show students a spectroscope, and they can see the spectrum of colors from visible light. Let them build a spectroscope, however, and suddenly students discover not only why white light is separated, but also why different light sources produce diffe...
Making UV-Sensitive Paper - Student Laboratory Kit
Bring practical applications to your lesson on spectroscopy, light, or ultraviolet radiation with a lab that mimics aspects of the photographic process. Students will make their own sheets of photosensitive (also called blueprint) paper in the labor...
Measuring with Laser Light - Student Laboratory Kit
How can an object less than a millimeter wide be measured? Students use a key-chain laser pointer to measure the width of three micrometer-size objects—a fishing line, copper wire, and a strand of human hair. As the laser light bends around each obje...
Seeing is Believing-Color"Magic" with Cone Cells
Challenge your students' sense of sight by saturating their cone cells! After focusing on an “oddly-colored” image for one minute; students will be amazed at what they “see” when they look down at a sheet of white paper. The colors magically change t...

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