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- Demonstration Kits
Lopsided Liquid - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A free-flowing U-shaped tube contains what appears to be a homogenous blue liquid, yet the liquid levels in the sides of the tube are unequal. No tricks involved—just density! This simple demonstration is guaranteed to heighten student interest on th...
Density Demonstration Bottles
Students will be mesmerized by watching the layers in these bottles move and separate as they are turned upside-down, swirled, and shaken. Begin your discussion on density by displaying one bottle in front of the class. Later in the week, switch the ...
Salting Out - Density Bottle Demonstration Kit
Two layers of beads are suspended in the middle of a bottle. Give the bottle a shake and the beads move to opposite ends. The beads then slowly move back to the starting position. How does this happen? Two liquid layers of differing densities create ...
Density Rod
Simple device with a multitude of demonstration possibilities. The rod responds to changes in density of a liquid by sinking or rising in the liquid. As the density of the liquid is changed, the rod moves up or down accordingly. It sinks in warm wate...
Reverse Density Rod
The “normal” density rod (AP4632) sinks in warm water and floats in cold water. The reverse density rod works just the opposite! It will float in water 30-35 ºC and sink in cool water! Using both rods will enhance your ability to make den...
Pressure Paradox
What does pressure feel like? In this activity, students hold a small steel ball in one hand and a large foam ball in the other to answer the question-which one is heavier? Students quickly conclude that the small steel ball is heavier. However, when...
Weight of Air Apparatus
Convince your students that air has weight with this fun demonstration apparatus. Simply weigh the can with air trapped inside. Then connect the demonstration apparatus to a vacuum pump and pump the air out of the can. The convenient built-in valve m...

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