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Electrostatics - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Teach the basic principles of electrostatics using this comprehensive, all-in-one kit that contains all the equipment needed for five demonstrations! • Charging a Flask Form Electroscope—Verify the existence and properties of static electric charge. ...
Build a Flask Form Electroscope Demonstration Kit
You'll be shocked by how well this simple, do-it-yourself electroscope works! Large, aluminum-covered foam ball stores static-electric charge better than most commercial electroscopes. A variety of simple electrostatic demonstrations can be performed...
Electrostatics Kit
Demonstrate static electricity using a variety of easy-to-use materials. Kit contains three friction rods and pads (silk, flannel, and fur) for creating friction, three balloons, and 10 feet of string. Complete instructions for use are provided.
A safe and reliable charge transfer apparatus for your electrostatic experiments. Demonstrate laws of electrostatic induction, generate and store large electrostatic charges, and effectively transfer charges with this classic device. Simply rub the a...
The Van de Graaff Generator - Multi-Demonstration Kit
The Van de Graaff generator is a fun and exciting tool to teach students about static electricity and repulsive forces. This kit contains five safe and “electrifying” demonstrations that are sure to WOW your students! The included detailed safety inf...

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