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- Demonstration Kits
Amazing Modern Materials - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Bring amazing real-world modern materials into your classroom! This multi-demonstration kit includes: • Ferrofluid A magnetic fluid created by extremely small Fe3O4 particles. Dramatically demonstrate the unique physical properties of ferrofluid and ...
Chemistry, Physics, and Modern Materials -
Multi-Demonstration Kit
Explore the building blocks of modern materials with this multi-demonstration kit. Model four modern material concepts—X-ray diffraction, Nitinol wires, photoresistors, and piezoelectricity. Help your students understand the importance of these mater...
A little piece of the future—right in your classroom! Aerogels are a diverse class of the world’s lightest solid material, composed of up to 99% air by volume. This low-density, porous material is already used for insulation, high-energy radiation de...
Classifying Matter - A "Nuts-and-Bolts" Demonstration Kit
The perfect introductory activity to teach elements, compounds, and mixtures! What does an element look like? How is an element different from a compound? Bulk samples of an element, a compound, and a mixture may look similar. When we ask students to...
Flinn Hands-On Chemical Element Set
This “hands-on” element set enables students to pick up and safely investigate properties of elements. Teaching characteristics of metals, nonmetals, and relationships between periods and groups in the periodic table has never been so easy! Complete ...
Is There Sodium in Bananas?
Flame Test Demonstration Kit
Bananas are a good source of potassium—but do they also contain sodium? This flame test demonstration provides a safe, unique method for observing flame test colors of metal ions—no flammable solvents required! Demonstrate the characteristic colors p...
Safe Swimming with Sodium - Chemical Demonstration Kit
No chemistry class is complete without the spectacular demonstration of alkali metals reacting with water. Safe Swimming with Sodium is a novel variation which is much safer to perform than the standard sodium demonstration of simply dropping a small...
What Is an Element? Demonstration Kit
Classifying elements, compounds, and mixtures is an essential skill in physical science. Build a solid foundation for further study of the elements using this concept attainment activity. Kit includes 20 cards with examples of both elements and non-e...
Sodium: A Spectacular Element, VHS
Every chemistry student should learn about reactive metals when studying the periodic table. Traditionally, demonstrations with reactive metals are done on a very small scale due to their hazardous nature. In this video, we've taken the traditional d...

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