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Atomic Clock Decals
Turn your ordinary classroom clock into an atomic clock with these bright, neon red decals. Large, stick-on symbols are easy to read so even your clock-watching students will learn and remember the first 12 elements. Decals fit ideally on a standard-...
Clever Catch Chemistry
Learning chemistry couldn’t be more fun! Colorful, soft, 24” inflatable vinyl ball provides an excellent way for students to practice their knowledge of chemistry. Here is how you play—the teacher tosses the ball to a student. The student answers the...
Element O® Game
The perfect game to learn about the periodic table. Element O® will engage your students' attention without them realizing that they are learning about the periodic table. No prior knowledge of the periodic table or chemistry is needed. But watch...
Element of the Week
Spark student interest by highlighting a different element each week! With Element of the Week, a different element is selected for study each week. During the week, the element's properties and reactions are demonstrated through teacher demonstratio...
Rediscovery of the Elements
An amazing resource about the elements! Disk operates on a computer in a Web page format that is a running text with more than 5000 photographs, allowing teachers and students to experience the actual rediscovery, just as the authors did, of the ...

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