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PSworks Photogate Timer
Finally—an inexpensive and accurate photogate timer for all your high-speed timing needs! Measure time to 0.0001 seconds with no fuss. The Flinn PSworks Photogate Timer is easy-to-use with five common function modes specifically used in the physical ...
PSworks Support Stand
This stand is required to support all Flinn PSworks equipment. Anodized aluminum pole stands 1-meter tall, and has 19 holes spaced 50-mm apart. Solid hardwood base has three adjustable leveling feet. Wrench or pliers are needed to secure the pole to ...
PSworks Carriage and Ramp
Explore the fundamentals of force and motion with the Flinn PSworks Carriage and Ramp. With this apparatus, students study Newton's laws of motion in action and understand the relationships between distance, time, speed, and acceleration. Students wi...
Flinn PSworks Conservation of Energy Tracks
Learn more about kinetic energy using these curving conservation of energy tracks! Will the track with the steep incline produce a ball with more kinetic energy than the straight track? Line up the catching curve at the bottom of one of the tracks, r...
PSworks Lever Arm
Easily illustrate the concepts of balance and rotational motion with this long, 60-cm lever arm. Students can now effortlessly experiment with first-, second- and third-class levers and see the relationships between distance, mass and the position of...
PSworks Marble Ramp
Two-in-one dynamics apparatus! Using the PSworks Photogate Timer, students record the transit times of a marble at different positions along the marble ramp. A convenient catcher at the bottom of the ramp stops the ball after each trial. A second exp...
PSworks Parabola
Clearly convince your students that a projectile follows a parabolic path! Launch a ball bearing using the unique launching mechanism, and watch the ball skim the surface of the track which is in the shape of a parabola. Connect the optional PSworks ...
PSworks Pendulum
Clearly demonstrate simple harmonic motion and the conservation of energy with this large, easy-to-see pendulum setup. Students will unmistakably see the pendulum swing evenly from side to side in simple harmonic motion. Use the Flinn PSworks Photoga...
PSworks Roller Coaster Track
Wow-look at that marble roll! This fun, hands-on equipment allows students to perform experiments on a roller coaster without leaving the classroom. Students will gain a clear understanding of the conservation of energy, potential energy, kinetic ene...

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