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Forces, Energy and Motion
On your mark, get set-go! Students build eleven different vehicles to observe how energy can be stored and then transferred to kinetic energy to produce motion. Students will experiment with a spring-driven motor, flywheel motor, battery-operated mot...
STEM Explorations
Embark on a journey of engineering excitement and building design! Hands-on, cooperative learning activities provide opportunities for inquiry and critical thinking. Students use the provided software, interface, various output/input devices, motors,...
Energy, Motion and Aeronautics
Take flight with investigations into Newton’s Laws and aeronautics! Learn about force and motion as well as the effects on someone who is living and working in space. Activities are designed to promote STEM education following a modified version of t...
Renewable Energy
It’s time to go green! Explore critical science, technology and engineering concepts with instructional models of renewable energy devices. Students are encouraged to work cooperatively in groups to discuss and evaluate ideas and designs. Inquiry-bas...
Introduction to Simple Machines: Gears
Get in gear! This kit provides enough materials for students to build one of seven simple gear models. Students will investigate and experiment with these real-world gear machines, and actively gain an understanding of the properties and functions of...
Introduction to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys
Ready, set, lift! Build eight different real-world lever and pulley machines from one economical set of materials. With these hands-on models, students will identify, investigate and experiment with three classes of levers and various pulley systems....
Introduction to Simple Machines: Wheels, Axles, Inclined Planes
Your students will be “rolling” in the aisles! With this set, students study the most fundamental simple machines-the wheel and the wedge. By building one of three wheel and axle models, or three inclined plane models, students gain a hands-on apprec...
Simple Machines Deluxe
Levers, pulleys, wheel and axles, inclined planes, wedges, screws, and gears—this set has them all! Students acquire necessary engineering and physics knowledge when presented with inquiry-based lessons to build models of simple machines. Comprehensi...
Introduction to Structures: Bridges
What a value! This excellent hands-on set allows students to build one of 13 real-world bridges. Students construct and investigate seven types of bridges-arch, beam, truss, cable-stayed, cantilever, suspension and bascule. Students will be able to i...
Amusement Park Experience
Students become theme-park engineers! As they build and experiment with real-world amusement park rides, students will gain a better understanding of Newton’s laws, gear ratios, pendulums and momentum. Rides that can be constructed include a roller c...
Real Bridge Building
Build six-foot-long replicas of seven of the most unique bridges in the world! This activity is perfect for studying real-world applications of concepts such as forces, simple machines, and equilibrium. Define the characteristics of the different bri...

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