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- Demonstration Kits
Amino Acid Fingerprints - Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate one of the simplest and most common methods of developing “latent” fingerprints—invisible fingerprints left behind on porous surfaces such as paper and cloth. Latent fingerprints are composed of several chemicals that are naturally presen...
Presumptive Blood Test - Forensic Demonstration Kit
This kit utilizes a simulation of the Kastle–Meyer Color Test and can be safely used in a mock crime scene investigation. The Kastle–Meyer Color Test is often used by crime scene investigators to presumptively indicate if blood is present on an objec...
Kastle-Meyer Reagent, 100 mL, Forensic Test
HAZARD ALERT: Alcohol solution; flammable liquid. Dilute sodium hydroxide is irritating to body tissues. Storage: Organic #9Disposal: #10Shelf Life: Fair to poor.Color: Pale gray, peach or yellow solution.Odor: Faint alcohol.Technical Note: Cla...

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