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- Demonstration Kits
Ball and Ring Apparatus
Perform the classic demonstration “thermal expansion of metal” with this ball and ring apparatus. Brass ball passes freely through ring at room temperature but when the ball is heated in a flame, it no longer passes through the ring. Plastic or woode...
Compound Bar
A great introductory demonstration of thermal expansion, large enough to be seen in the back of the room. This bimetallic bar will bend dramatically when heated in a Bunsen burner due to the different thermal expansion rates of each metal used in the...
Investigate how different types of metals conduct heat as you hold the center of the conductometer over a flame. Small amounts of wax placed in wells at the end of each metal rod melt at different rates demonstrating the relative thermal conductivity...
Heat Convection in Fluids Demo Kit
Heat transfer by convection occurs continuously, but is usually only felt, seldom “seen.” Two innovative demonstrations in this kit allow you to create visible convection currents in both water and air. Dramatically show the effect of convection curr...
Convection and Ventilation Box
Help students understand the concept of convection currents with this very visual demonstration. Place a lighted candle under one chimney, then use a smoke source over the other chimney to reveal the flow of convection currents. The consequences of v...
Convection of Liquids Tube
Dramatically demonstrate the motion caused by the convection in a liquid. Fill this glass apparatus with water, then introduce a dye at the top. Heat one of the lower corners and watch as the dye follows the path of the convection current. Apparatus ...
Density Box Demonstration
Students watch with amazement as warm water rises and cold water sinks in this clever demonstration of density. The demonstration apparatus is a clear acrylic chamber that is divided down the middle with a removable wall. Hot, red water is placed on ...
Drinking Bird
Truly a classic demonstration. Your students will be fascinated by the drinking bird that doesn't know when to stop. Teach thermodynamics and pressure, and have fun at the same time. ChemFax instruction sheet provided.
Hand Boiler
Amaze your students by having liquid boil with the touch of your hand. You can even perform a fractional distillation (instructions included). There is no end to the fun and learning with the Hand Boiler.
Pulse Glass
Dramatic demonstration with only the heat from your hand. Two glass bulbs are connected with a glass tube and contain a colored, volatile liquid. Holding one of the bulbs in your hand causes the liquid to boil causing vapor to move into the other bul...
Hero's Engine
Teach a variety of physical science concepts with the simplest steam engine. Add water to the flask, insert the rubber stopper with exhaust arms, and hang it securely. Then, use a Bunsen burner to heat the water and watch the engine spin! Illustrates...
Ice Melting Blocks
Decisively demonstrate heat conductivity in less than 30 seconds! Touch the identical-looking blocks. One feels cold to the touch, the other feels warm. Place an ice cube on each block and watch as one ice cube rapidly melts. Which block melts the ic...
Linear Expansion Demonstration
A new twist to an old classic! Demonstrate both linear and volume expansion and contraction with this simple device. At room temperature, the metal rod fits between the metal bracket and into the drilled-out holes. However, when the metal rod is heat...
Nitinol Live Wire
Wire with a memory! Nitinol wire was discovered in 1961 and has “shape” memory. When placed in cold water it can be bent into any shape. Put into hot water, it springs back to its original shape. Shape memory alloys are discussed in the Chem Fax prov...
Putt Putt Boat - Demonstration Kit
Teach a boatload of science using this old-fashioned toy steamboat! These boats run exclusively on steam-wonderfully illustrating the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical energy. A small candle is used to heat water in a reservoir. The water...
Simplified Stirling Engine
The Stirling engine has been marveled at ever since its introduction in 1816. Once your students see this clever model engine in operation they'll be astonished as well! The principles involved are difficult to comprehend, so this very simple model i...
Smashing Thermit Reaction - Demonstration Kit
This loud and fiery variation of the classic thermit reaction is sure to grab your students' attention. Take two rusty iron balls, wrap one in aluminum foil, bang them together and watch the fireworks!    Enjoy all the pyrotechnics of the...
Superheated Steam - Demonstration Kit
Vividly demonstrate to your students the thermal energy content and potential skin burning hazards associated with steam. Steam is channeled through a copper coil heated by a Meker burner flame which raises the temperature of the steam well above 100...
Space Wings Electronic Kit
Picked by Popular Mechanics as one of their top 100 best new products. Unique toy with sleek silver wings which flap continuously using Nitinol Wire. No motors are used. Assembles in less than one hour. Some soldering is required. Wonderful demonstra...

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