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Calorimeter, Electric
Use this versatile double-walled calorimeter with or without the electric heating element. With the heating element students can determine the electrical equivalent of heat or use the calorimeter without the heating element as a standard double-walle...
Calorimeter, Foam
Improve student results when conducting thermodynamic and heats of reaction experiments. The thick walls and lids make these calorimeters more effective than ordinary foam drinking cups by preventing heat loss in all directions. Their wide, stable ba...
Electric Generator
Attach this functioning electric generator to a steam engine (AP5718) and amaze your students as you convert steam power to electrical power. The included drive belt is easily attached to the flywheel of the steam engine and starts generating power i...
Steam Engine
Need a dramatic introduction for your energy conversion unit? Students are fascinated by a functioning steam engine! Trace all the energy conversions starting with lighting the match, to burning the dry fuel, to converting the water to steam, and fin...
Fuel Pellets for Steam Engine, Pkg. of 20
Fuel pellets for use with Steam Engine (Catalog No. AP5718). These fuel tablets are specially formulated to provide the proper temperature levels and burn duration with no smoke or fumes. Package of 20 pellets.
Thermostat Model
This hands-on activity clearly illustrates how a thermostat works by demonstrating differential expansion. Students heat the bimetallic strip in the model and watch it bend to make contact, complete the circuit and light the lightbulb. After the stri...

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