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- Demonstration Kits
3-D Magnetic Field Jar - Demonstration Kit
Add depth to your students’ understanding of magnetism—show it in 3-D! Beautiful demonstration clearly reveals the shape and strength of the magnetic field. Simply fill the special jar-and-tube assembly with oil, add iron filings, shake, and insert a...
Commercial Ferrofluid - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Ferrofluid, first developed by NASA in the 1960s, consists of nano-sized magnetic particles suspended in a liquid. Your students will be fascinated as you demonstrate the unique properties of this nanoscience material and produce interesting 3-dimens...
Floating Magnet
Magnetic levitation seems like magic even if you have witnessed it many times. Use this simple and easy lab apparatus to demonstrate that like poles of magnets repel each other and unlike poles attract each other. When placed on the center pole in th...
Magnetic Field Demonstrator
Study magnetic fields without the mess of iron filings. The transparent acrylic case is filled with fluid and fine iron filings and then permanently sealed shut. Set the magnetic field demonstrator on an overhead projector. Place a magnet beneath the...
Student Magnetic Field Demonstrator
The economical price of this magnetic field demonstrator makes individual student experimentation possible. The iron filings are sealed in a circular plastic transparent case and respond to magnets placed on the flat outer surfaces. The magnetic forc...
Magnetic Needle
Versatile for demonstrating the earth's magnetic field. Its large size makes it excellent for magnetic field demonstrations to the entire class. The magnetic needle “floats” on a pin-point pivot and is extremely sensitive and accurate. Small changes ...

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