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- Laboratory Kits
Gravity and Magnetism: A Battle of Two Forces
Gravitational versus magnetic force-which is stronger? With this kit, students perform hands-on experiments using the teacher-designed magnetic levitation device. Students will determine the relationship between force and the distance between two obj...
Introduction to Magnets - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Help your students become magnet “experts.” In this hands-on introductory kit, students will experiment with bar magnets to visibly see why magnets “stick” to certain objects, but not others. They will test magnetic polarity, and determine what types...
Magnet Kit, Economy Choice
The perfect magnet set for schools on a tight budget. Perform numerous demonstrations using a ring, bar, or horseshoe magnet to present the important properties of magnetism to your students. Show that some metals are magnetic, while most metals are ...
Magnets and Magnetism - Super Value Activity-Stations Kit
Explore the captivating world of magnetism with this all-in-one kit! • Students learn about the nature of magnets by classifying materials as magnetic or nonmagnetic, and by feeling the attractive and repulsive forces produced between two magnets. • ...
Make a Print of a Magnetic Field—Student Laboratory Kit
Help students visualize the lines of force of a magnetic field—permanently! This hands-on activity combines science with art as students create beautiful, permanent prints of a magnetic field using special photosensitive paper, iron filings, and a ba...

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