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- Demonstration Kits
Magnetic Optics and Ray Box Set
Optics the whole class can see! Ray box and accessories are magnetic and can be placed on the included whiteboard or any steel whiteboard. Comprehensive set is complete with everything you need to demonstrate optics concepts of reflection, refraction...
Aperture Science Demonstration Kit
Apertures are used every day, in telescopes, cameras—even the pupil of your eye is an aperture! But how do they work? Use this kit to clearly and simply demonstrate the principles and properties of various apertures. Create apertures using diagrams p...
Bracken's Laser Light Show
An amazing demonstration to teach reflection, waves and frequencies. Reflecting a laser beam off of two spinning mirrors creates an incredible laser light show of beautiful patterns commonly known as Lissajous figures. This demonstration is a real st...
The Disappearing Beaker - Demonstration Kit
Set a beaker in another, pour in pale yellow oil and the beaker disappears! In this entertaining demonstration of refractive index, show your students that there's more to light travel than “meets the eye.” By matching the index of refraction of glas...
Mirage - Optical Illusion
You won't believe your eyes! As you reach for the object on top of the mirage you will only get air! How is the mirage image created? What a great introductory demonstration to pique interest in reflection/refraction and angles of reflection. Simply ...
Euler’s Disk
Wow! Do it again! That’s what you’ll hear in your classroom when students see this amazing demonstration. Simply give the disk a gentle spin and watch as it spins around and around! As the disk spins faster and its angle changes, students are captiva...
Periscope Demonstration Kit
Up periscope! Construct and demonstrate the inner workings of a simple periscope. Periscopes are optical devices used to observe objects from a concealed position. As students turn one of the mirrors of the periscope the image seen will be rotated. A...
Principles of Reflection and Optical Illusions
Create a classic stage illusion—similar to a haunted house at a theme park—in your classroom! Simply shine a light on a hidden object inside the darkened “object room” in the Optical Illusion Apparatus, and watch as a life-like, three-dimensional ima...

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