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- Fiber Optics
Fiber Optics Light
Simple battery-operated penlight with fiber-optic strands attached to its end. A multitude of colors is present. Heat is not generated by fiber optics. Light requires two (2) AA batteries which are not included. Great way to demonstrate and discuss f...
Fiber Optics Strand
Fiber optic material that seems to glow on its own! It glows non-stop. You can't turn it off. Place your fingers over both ends, and it will shine on your fingers! How does this "light pipe" work? The construction of the fiber is based upon...
Enhance your optics and light curriculum with this simple light pipe demonstration. Shine a flashlight or laser into one end of the acrylic rod-the light will be guided through the coiled pipe and emerge at the opposite end, perpendicular to the sour...

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