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- Light Sources
Rive Ray Box
The Rive Ray Box is a simple, safe and sturdy source of projected light for many classic optics experiments-best of all, you don't need a completely dark room to conduct optic experiments. The Rive Ray Box produces parallel, divergent or convergent r...
Basic Ray Optics Set
The perfect companion to the Rive Ray Box AP5656, this set of lenses and mirrors will complete your basic optic experiment components. The set contains a flat mirror, a concave mirror, a convex mirror, a double concave lens, and a double convex lens ...
Laser Pointer
Your students will be fascinated by this pen-sized laser. A wide variety of physical science demonstrations can be conducted with this inexpensive laser or it may simply be used in lectures. The laser beam projects a brilliant red dot which can be se...
Dual Laser Pointer, Red and Green
High-quality laser at a very affordable price! Laser emits both red and green beams individually or simultaneously. Perfect for optics demonstrations and experiments to study reflection, refraction and diffraction. Use for lecture and presentations—a...
Light Ray Box
Brighten up your optics lab with this versatile light ray box! Made of durable plastic, this light ray box is both rugged and affordable. Use included slit plates to project parallel light beams to study reflection, refraction, and focal length. Two ...

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