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Radioactive Source Kit, Set of 3
Completely safe for use in the science laboratory! Each source is mounted in a one-inch diameter sealed disc and is completely safe for student use. Three radioactive sources are available; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.  Perfect for showing the differ...
Student Geiger Counter
Just plug it in and it's working. The Geiger counter immediately detects particles emitted by a radioactive source. As each particle enters the self-contained probe, an audible click is heard. The number of clicks heard over a time interval represent...
Digital Radiation Meter
Straightforward and easy-to-use radiation meter is great for use by beginners and experts in any classroom! Meter is housed in a durable plastic case and uses a thin wall glass Geiger-Muller (GM) tube that will detect beta and gamma ionizing radiatio...
Lantern Mantles (Th-232 alpha source), 2/pkg

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