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- Demonstration Kits
Balloon Needle Demonstration Kit
Have you ever seen someone put a needle through a balloon without the balloon popping? It can be done! We will tell you how and provide you with the proper type of needle and accessories to make you an expert. Detailed instructions and teaching tips ...
Enviro-Bond™ 403 Hydrocarbon Encapsulant, 100 g
Storage: Miscellaneous nonhazardous organic material. Disposal: #26a Shelf Life: Indefinite Soluble: Insoluble Color: White solid Odor: None Technical Note: Use with Marvel Mystery Oil (Flinn Catalog No. AP8927) to simulate an oil spill cleanup! ...
Fluorescent "Gummy Worm" Polymers - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Glowing gummy worms! In this colorful demonstration “gummy worm” polymers containing three different types of dyes fluoresce when exposed to an ultraviolet (black) light. As the glowing worms emerge from the solutions, students see what happens when ...
Mystery Nylon Factory - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Two solutions are poured together in a beaker. A paper clip is lowered into the solution. As the paper clip is withdrawn, almost by magic a very long strand of nylon is pulled from the beaker. A super demonstration to discuss polymer concepts. Teache...
Polymers, Polymers, Polymers -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Polymers are an important part of our everyday life. Introduce your students to the fascinating world of polymer chemistry by making “slime,” polyurethane foam and nylon, and by demonstrating the super water-absorbent material found in disposable dia...
Polyurethane Foam System - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Try this amazing demonstration! Simply mix two viscous liquids together and watch as the mixture expands to about 30 times its original volume. Liquid "A" is a polyether polyol. Liquid "B" is a polyfunctional isocyanate. The resul...
Rainbow Wand - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Make an awesome spectrum of colors in a wand while teaching your students about polymers, color mixing, and the visible spectrum. Explore the science of color using dyes and water-absorbing, color-changing polymer crystals. First create an original r...
Fluorescent Slime - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Slime is prepared in a solution of fluorescein and bromophenol blue. The resulting slime appears green in reflected light, red in transmitted light, and bright fluorescent green in ultraviolet light. Enough materials are included to perform the ...
Polymer Bead - Demonstration Kit
Wow! A gravity-defying demonstration that will stop students in their tracks! A beaker is filled with a 50-foot long string of beads. With just a slight pull on one end of the chain, the beads will suddenly lift themselves out of and come tumbling ov...
Seeing Polymers in a New Light - Demonstration Kit
Discover the bright, rainbow-like color patterns that are created when objects made from polystyrene and other polymers are viewed between crossed polarizing filters. Brightly colored bands of different colors arise due to birefringence, making it po...
Super-Duper Polymer Gel - Chemical Demonstration Kit
When a small amount of a white powder is sprinkled into a liquid and water is added, it transforms into a thick, viscous gel. When poured back and forth between two beakers, the gel begins to take on a life of its own and literally defies gravity by ...
Poly-ox with a Twist - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Our amazing super-duper polymer gel in a conveniently packaged kit that has everything you need to perform this gravity-defying demo—and the kit has an added twist! A fluorescent dye is included—simply add it to the alcohol poly-ox slurry, add tap wa...
Pour a Rainbow - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Pour a rainbow of colors from beaker to beaker while students spontaneously erupt in a chorus of ooohs and aaahs! This multi-colored, gravity-defying, attention-getting goo will help teach your students about polymerization, hydrogen bonding, solubil...
Water Marbles - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Explore the properties of superabsorbent polymers using water marbles. Amaze your students by “floating” a steel sphere on “water.” Since the water marbles have essentially the same refractive index as water, the steel sphere will appear to float on ...
Water Marbles, 100 g
Now you see them—now you don’t! The refractive index of water marbles is so close to that of water that the marbles “disappear” when placed into water. Contrast the water marbles’ refractive index with air and once again the marbles are quite visible...
The Wacky World of Superabsorbent Polymers - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Pour distilled water into an “empty” cup and the water solidifies into a gel. In another beaker add a small amount of powder, pour in distilled water and see an avalanche of fresh powdered “snow.” These remarkable sodium polyacrylate polymers have ma...

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