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- Demonstration Kits
Ready, Aim-Fire! This powerful air cannon will blow out a candle at 10 paces. Perform the “William Tell” demonstration as you knock a foam cup off a student's head from across the classroom with a blast of air. Have fun as you teach about air pressur...
Atmosphere Bar
What does atmospheric pressure really feel like? This one inch square steel bar, weighing 14.7 lbs. and over 52 inches long, will literally drive home the point! Students will be amazed how much the bar weighs when they lift it. They will be even mor...
Bed of Nails
Dramatically show that pressure is a force per unit area with this familiar demonstration. Place an inflated balloon on a wood block full of sharp nails. Add a 1000-g mass to the “floating” board on top of the balloon and amazingly the balloon does n...
Bernoulli Demonstator
What lifts a jet airplane off the runway? What makes a baseball curve? Why does your shower curtain cave in on you when you turn the shower on? Discuss these and other phenomena as explained by scientist Daniel Bernoulli with this easy-to-use, hands-...
Boiling in a Syringe - Demonstration Kit
Water always boils at 100 °C, right? Not always! Water boils at 100 °C at 1 atmosphere of pressure. Every liquid boils at the temperature at which its vapor pressure equals the pressure above its surface. Change the pressure and the required boiling ...
Bottomless Bottle - Pascal's Law Demonstration Kit
Use this old parlor trick to dramatically demonstrate Pascal's law of equal pressure and the incompressibility of fluids. Fill a glass bottle with water. Firmly grip the neck of the bottle, give the top of the bottle a whack with a rubber mallet and—...
Breaking Board Paradox - Demonstration Kit
Simple, yet very dramatic. A thin white pine stick is placed over the edge of a table. A sheet of tissue paper is placed over the stick and spread out on the table. When the overhanging portion of the stick is hit sharply with a hammer it breaks. The...
Cincinnati Form Franklin Flask - Demonstration Kit
The ultimate in discrepant events. Show students that you can boil water by cooling it! Fill the specially designed flask one-third full with water. Bring the water to a boil and then remove the flask from the heat. Place a rubber stopper fitted with...
Collapsing Can Demonstraion
Here's a forceful demonstration-over 1,800 lb of force! This demonstration will convince students that air exerts significant pressure. Simply place about a centimeter of water in the bottom of the can and heat it until it boils and steam comes out o...
Diffusion of Gases - Kinetic Energy Demonstration Kit
Molecules are moving! What proof is there for this incredible statement, and what factors influence the kinetic energy of moving molecules? Demonstrate the motion of invisible ammonia and hydrochloric acid gas molecules by their colorful reactions wi...
Open up a world of understanding regarding air pressure with this simple, clever device. Simply place the balloon into the opening of the Harbottle and stretch the mouth of the balloon over the mouth of the bottle. Blow into the balloon and, when it ...
Hydraulic Elevator - Physical Science Demonstration Kit
Atmospheric pressure is all around us and we can prove it with the power of pressure! A water-filled test tube is covered with an index card and inverted. The card stays in place due to atmospheric pressure. Could the pressure push a smaller tube int...
Massing Gases - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Make Avogadro proud by using his law to determine the molar mass of any gas, from helium to sulfur hexaflouride. The gas syringe and sampling apparatus allows you to sample and weigh any pure gas in less than one minute. The molar mass of the gas can...
Magdeberg Hemispheres, Rubber
An economic version of the classic force of air pressure demonstration. Air is removed by simply pushing the two rubber plungers together. Once they are together, your students will be amazed how difficult it is to pull them apart! Have students desi...
Magdeburg Hemispheres
Dramatic demonstration showing the force of air pressure that your students will remember for a long time. Simply hook up the hemispheres to a hand vacuum pump, an aspirator or vacuum pump and evacuate the air. Close the valve and let the pulling beg...
Pressure Mat - Demonstration Kit
Dramatically show atmospheric pressure in action! Use atmospheric pressure to pick up a lab stool, or to make a deceptively ordinary rubber mat nearly impossible to lift off a table. Simply place the Pressure Mat in the center of the seat of the lab ...
Water Spouts - Kinetic vs. Potential Energy - A Torricelli's Law Demonstration Kit
Science includes observation that sparks curiosity. If a full water bottle has three outlets—one at the top, one in the middle and one near the bottom will the water flow from each outlet in the same manner? The Water Spouts demonstration is a visual...
Wind Bag
Students will be blown away by your amazing lung power. The wind bag is an 8-foot plastic tube which with a little practice can be blown up with one breath. It demonstrates Bernoulli's principle and how air pressure changes help you blow up the bag. ...
Zero Blaster
Teaching about Bernoulli's principle and air pressure has never been more fun! This unique and easy-to-use smoke ring generator is sure to be a big hit in your classroom. The donut-shaped vortex is produced by high-pressure air exiting the hole of th...

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