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The Reappearing Pumpkin - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Perform some of your Halloween magic with this fun demonstration. A slight variation of the classic “Blue Bottle Experiment” allows a pumpkin face to disappear and then reappear over and over again. Shake the flask and the pumpkin face disappears as ...
Chemical Wizardry - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Mesmerize your students with these spell-binding demonstrations! First, set the mood as you generate the eerie glow of a green flame by sprinkling boric acid over a gel created with calcium acetate and ethyl alcohol. Next, add to the atmosphere of en...
Chemystery of Halloween - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate that “black magic” has a scientific basis with the seven demonstrations included in this kit. • “Ghosts and goblins” will appear out of a 2-liter pop bottle as the pop bottle collapses to prove their escape. • An “amorphous monster” will ...
Santa in a Snowstorm - A Winter Holiday Chemical Demonstration Kit
Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus...right into your classroom in a snowstorm! Capture the attention of your entire classroom with this fun holiday seasonal demonstration. Explore the topics of solubility and saturation with this easy-to-...
A Christmas of Chemistry - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Make the holiday season joyous with seven chemistry demonstrations guaranteed to amuse and enlighten the entire class. • Mix two clear liquids and produce a “snowfall” of white flaky precipitate. • Make two solutions of holiday green and red and watc...
Blinking Holiday Colors - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Two solutions of holiday red and green are poured into separate tall form beakers and stirred. After 30 seconds, the beakers magically swap colors, red to green and green to red! Each solution contains a unique mixture of indicators. At low pH, one m...
Vanishing Valentine - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Watch your valentine vanish and then reappear with this favorite holiday demonstration! Simply shake a flask containing a colorless solution to introduce oxygen. The solution will change to a bright pink valentine color. Then allow the solution to si...
The Chemistry of Spring Break - Multi-Demonstration Kit
It's spring break. Time to cast off the winter doldrums and embrace the bright new season! Celebrate the arrival of spring with six fun demonstrations: • An oscillating chemical reaction alternates between frigid blue and sunny yellow, just like the ...
April Fool's Day - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Celebrate April Fool’s Day with the unexpected! Four discrepant event demonstrations engage students’ natural curiosity using the element of surprise. • An open jar of water is covered by a laminated card and turned upside-down. Air pressure holds th...
Calendar, Physical Science Fun Facts
Who was Neils Bohr? When was Robert Hooke born? Capture your students' attention with 366 days of physical science fun facts! Hang this colorful, fact-filled calendar in your classroom and spark some great science discussion! Informational calendar ...

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