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- Demonstration Kits
4-Square Number Puzzles - Super Value Kit
Students will be determined to find the solutions to this clever puzzle, and in the process, develop important problem-solving and critical-thinking skills! Challenge students to group four of the same numbers together into a 4-square. Slits along th...
A Fun Magic Coloring Book
Amaze your students by coloring the pictures in a coloring book by simply turning the pages. Flip the pages again and the images completely disappear! Use this "magical" coloring book to teacher concepts such as acid-base indicators and pH,...
A Reaction in a Bag Chemical Demonstration Kit
Students will develop their observational and scientific reasoning skills in this teacher-led, inquiry-based demonstration.  When three substances- calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and a solution of phenol red in water- are mixed, as series...
Mystery Light Block - Scientific Method Demonstration Kit
Everyone loves a mystery! A two-toned rectangular block of paraffin is displayed with the darker half on the bottom. Flip it over—the darker half is still on the bottom! As students make observations, ask questions, make predictions, propose experime...
Think Tube - Demonstration Kit
What could it have been like to imagine the nature of an atom? How difficult is it to produce a model of something that can't be seen? The Think Tube allows students to appreciate the challenges associated with things that cannot be directly observed...

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