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- Demonstration Kits
Catenary Arch Set
Where does the St. Louis' Gateway Arch get its unusual shape? The shape is the same as the natural shape of a sagging chain held at both ends-also known as a catenary. Students construct the catenary arch from the provided blocks and template to see ...
Roman Arch Kit
No glue-no mortar. Structures so strong they've “held up” for over 1700 years. With this hands-on kit students learn how force vector analysis is used in architectural strength-just like the ancient Roman structures. Students first analyze the Roman ...
Wedge Model
Increase mechanical advantage with a simple wedge. A wedge is used to push objects apart. Common examples include a shovel, the tip of a nail, or a log splitter. Easy-to-use particle board and wooden construction. 13-5/8" x 3-5/8" with an a...
Human Block and Tackle Demonstration
Demonstrate the importance of pulleys by turning your students into giant human pulleys! Students hold onto pulley rods and investigate the setup and properties of different pulley systems. Students will actually feel the effects of abstract concepts...
Hydraulic Hot Water Bottle - Demonstration Kit
Three fun water pressure demonstrations in one complete kit! With a simple hot water bottle, elevate your students' understanding of hydraulics, Pascal's law, Bernoulli's principle and the conservation of energy. An excellent value! Demonstrate why w...
Inclined Plane and Cart Model
A simple and durable wooden model of an inclined plane with a cart. Additional weight can be added to the cart to explore the effects on motion. Constructed of particle board and wooden components. Cart has rubber wheels that fit into grooves on the ...
Pulley Demonstration Kit, Economy Choice
Explore the mechanical advantage of pulleys with equipment designed for both the teacher and the student! Highly visible red pulleys can be seen from the back of the room for demonstrations. Or purchase multiple sets for students to use at lab statio...
Pulley Demonstration Kit
Transform your demonstration table into a learning center every student can see! This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to demonstrate all the major principles associated with pulleys. The ring stands, frame bars and clamps make for a ve...

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